Trump’s “truths” are priceless.

REVOLVER headlines the following piece:

Trump goes off on EPIC Truth Social Easter rampage, and then keeps going and going…

I absolutely love listening to Darren Beattie explain what he believes is going on in this world. He was a speechwriter for President Trump, and strikes me as brilliant, and a BIGLY asset to 45.

He recently did a guest appearance on Trump Jr.’s new podcast, “TRIGGERED!”

Increasingly I found myself wanting Jr. to hush up and let Beattie talk. Far more interesting.

With that, here’s Beattie’s most recent report:

President Trump has been tearing it up on Truth Social.

It all started with an EPIC Easter rant, but it didn’t stop there. Not even close. On Sunday, President Trump took to Truth where he wished everyone a Happy Easter, even the scumbags who are trying to destroy our country.

And then, it was off to the races…

Here’s the Easter post:

Trump then went after Bumbling Joe:

Next up, President Trump assailed the fake news media and defended his actions in the “classified docs” scandal:

Trump wasn’t done with Biden. He had more to say, including teaching confused Joe about what “MAGA” actually means:

President Trump then turned his sights on the “racist attorney” in Atlanta, who’s targeting him for the “perfect” phone call he had with RINO turncoat Brad Raffensperger:

Trump also lashed out at the Biden regime for trying to blame him for their disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, where 13 US soldiers were killed, thanks to Joe’s ineptitude.

Then it was Bill Barr’s turn. Trump slammed Barr, calling him slovenly, a coward, and a RINO:

Trump also has a not-so-secret plan to solve the issues with China and everything else:

The 45th president also made a dire prediction about where we’re headed…

Then there was this post:

President Trump then zeroed in on “young man” Ron DeSantis:

The Donald then pivoted back to the “fake investigations” against him, which he believes are a way to keep him out of the White House:

Another one:

Trump ended his epic Truth rampage with another direct shot at DeSantis, this time sharing a poll showing Trump way ahead in Florida:

President Trump has a lot to say, and he’s not holding back one bit. Many are still hoping he’ll come back to Twitter. However, in the meantime, Trump’s Truth Social account is pure MAGA gold!


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