DNC purging?

The Democratic National Committee is severing its relationship with alleged mastermind who cooked up the Steel Dossier/Russia scam.

From Woke Societies:

DNC cutting ties with Mark Elias?? What is about to come out that would force the Dems to leave their best lawyer? 👀

“The Democratic National Committee is cutting ties with lawyer Marc Elias, who heavily pushed the discredited Steele dossier that sought to link the former president to Russia falsely.

Elias, who has represented the DNC since 2009, has had several disagreements with the committee, according to sources who spoke with PunchBowl News. Elias Law Group, his firm founded in 2021, works on behalf of many Democratic lawmakers and entities, such as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, records show.”


Just Human:

“Hmm… it seems unlikely that the DNC would want to part ways with an attorney who has brought them so much success over the past several years. He’s been integral to their electioneering efforts pre and post Election Day. 

Some possibilities:

-Elias has so much else going on (45 lawsuits across 18 states currently) that he can’t effectively serve the DNC as he has before. 

-Elias/DNC figure he can be more effective/useful if not directly working for the DNC

-Elias is in trouble (we know Durham has interviewed him and put him in front of a grand jury) and they are separating from him before that trouble becomes public.”

Interesting that this story is out right now, referencing discussions of a supposedly classified map…

At the exact same time that we have an actual leak of actually classified maps (and other docs) regarding Ukraine. 

Simulation winking at us or an intentional sync? 


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