Joe Lange: Money and Oil

Money and Oil
The Petrodollar Could Be the Cabal’s Achilles Heel

By Joe Lange • November 7, 2022

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A global war is playing out before our eyes and most of the world is unaware of it. It’s an unconventional war being fought on many fronts, but I want to focus on the global front and the real enemy we are fighting. It’s not the democrats in this country. They are just the puppets. The war is against their puppet masters, and the entire world is at stake.

There are two things that control the world, which can be used as tools or weapons. The world is dependent on both, and who controls them controls it.

The puppet masters have controlled most of the world for longer than most know, and they did it by controlling the money supply.

The Rothschilds first controlled banks. Then they controlled kings. Now they control most governments around the world, as evidenced by the famous quote from Mayer Amschel Rothschild:

The Rothschilds didn’t get wealthy and powerful by lending money to individuals; they got wealthy and powerful by lending money to governments and kings.

The Rothschilds first became global puppet masters by taking advantage of a war between Napoleon and England. They knew ahead of everyone in London that Napoleon had lost and they purposely caused a panic sell of British bonds so they could scoop them up at fire sale prices and made a killing. But that was nothing compared to the debt they had placed England into by funding their war.

Wars have been the Rothschilds biggest money maker ever since. They fund both sides and care not who wins or loses, as the winner is indebted to them forever and the loser is forced to sell their assets and resources at bargain basement prices.

Then came WW1.

The backdrop? The first major World War. Central banks controlled by the Rothschilds funding both sides as millions died. Countries going into massive debt.

It’s all the same playbook. Germany loses and is then bankrupted. Their companies and resources bought up for pennies on the dollar. Their money value collapsing and rampant poverty setting the stage for Hitler and WW2.

But something changed.

WW1 saw the rise of a commodity that to this day is as valuable as gold. In fact, these countries willingly trade gold for it.


Forgive me for sharing a quote from the traitor “no name” John McCain, but it’s right on target.

“Whoever controls oil controls much more than oil.”

Every economy in the world is dependent on it. All manufacturing. All transportation. All supply chains. All militaries.

Observe this quote from Tiger General, a company that provides equipment to the oil and gas industry:

WW2 was a war about oil.

Germany had no oil of its own and needed it to rebuild after WW1. Hitler could have conquered all of Europe, but without oil for his war machine, he was vulnerable. Why did he make the ultimate blunder of invading Russia and creating a two-front war, dividing his own forces?

He desperately needed the oil fields in Russia.

The U.S. supplied Great Britain with oil to defend themselves. We gave them 100-octane fuel for their planes which gave them superior performance and range, and allowed them to control the skies, which turned the tide of the war.

Hitler had to give up on invading Great Britain because of a lack of oil. A navy, air force and mechanized army is completely dependent on it.

In the Pacific, the Japanese military was in the same predicament as Germany, with no oil of their own and being highly dependent on other nations for their economy and military.

Enter expansionist policy.

There was oil in Southeast Asia and they made it a priority to capture it. They had set up an embargo against imports into China, which caused us to
retaliate by setting an oil embargo against Japan.

That oil embargo set the stage for war with the United States.

The VALUE of oil was now as important as money, especially in times of war. Germany lost because it could not keep up oil supply for manufacturing and its military. Japan lost because it could not supply its navy and air force with oil. Kamikazes weren’t just a desperate act to defeat the enemy; the Japanese would purposely only give their fighters enough fuel to fight, but not enough to return safely.

What about the Iraq war? Does anybody think it wasn’t about oil?

The cabal puppet masters have always seen the value of oil when it comes to determining the power structures of the world.

Remember when we got off the gold standard?

Do you know who was behind that? The same central banks that control the world’s money supply. They removed the backing of the only real money in the world for thousands of years—gold—and created the Petrodollar. With the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency, they could now demand all payments for oil in USD, creating a fiat and energy feedback loop. The reason that they can dictate to and wield entire governments is because they control their economies from the ground up, from the fiat to the energy.

Then came Trump.

How do you wrest control back from the cabal? How do you take control of the world’s money supply and the world’s oil supply?

Anybody remember when Trump rolled the Fed into the Treasury? Who controls the Treasury?

Because the US dollar is the world’s reserve currency, the Fed is unquestionably the most powerful central bank in the world. The entire world is affected by everything the Fed does. The Fed has been aggressively raising rates to battle inflation, which has crashed markets globally. The entire global debt system is on the brink of collapse. Why?

The dollar is getting stronger while all the other world currencies are getting weaker. Three central banks have just recently needed a Fed bailout because of this: the central bank in the UK, the central bank in Japan and the central bank in Switzerland. The entire world is trying to pressure the Fed to stop raising rates and stop increasing the value of the dollar. Why?

Because they have to purchase oil in U.S. dollars, which their economies are
dependent on.

The EXCHANGE RATE for commercial banks is bankrupting them. They don’t have enough dollars on hand and have to exchange their weakening currency for stronger dollars. They desperately need the Fed to print money and stop raising rates to kill the dollar, so oil is cheaper to purchase. In effect, the Fed is bankrupting the global debt system.

Observe a key Q post that reveals Trump’s strategy to destroy the central banks’ global debt system and get us back on the gold standard:

This is NOT talking about the Federal Reserve.
FED : Federal Exchange Department (for commercial banks.)

This is the key. The cabal controls the money supply worldwide by controlling the exchange rates of every government’s currency. Exchange rates for dollars to purchase OIL. The Federal Reserve creating a stronger dollar has crushed global currency exchanges, putting the entire global debt system on the brink of collapse.

The enemy has lost control of the money supply.

What about the oil supply?

Here’s where we see that there was a plan and it involved other world leaders, especially the leaders of the two largest oil producers in the world.


As soon as Putin invaded Ukraine, it changed everything in Europe. It was a brilliant chess move. Ukraine was the cabal’s launchpad in their plan to destroy Russia. Putin exposed their illegal bio labs, their Nazi divisions and the cabal’s money laundering operation in
Ukraine. He also protected the Ukrainians of Russian ethnicity from continual slaughter by their own government.

The war in Ukraine has also accomplished something huge. It has exposed NATO as a puppet of the cabal along with Europe’s central banks.

It was predictable that all of Europe would sanction Russia for its aggression, and they did.

The problem? All of Europe is dependent on Russia for their energy supply. That immediately spiked energy prices in Europe, which drove inflation higher. The sanctions have crushed the European Union’s economy and had little effect on Russia. The central
banks tried to do what they do best and destroy the Russian Ruble.

But Putin just demanded payment for their oil and gas in Rubles or gold, which strengthened the Ruble.

Other countries like China and India increased their oil purchases from Russia and Japan has decided to follow through on using a pipeline from Russia.

Putin is winning the economic war against the cabal in Europe. There is a huge rise in sentiment amongst the European people to end the war in Ukraine because of high energy prices. The central banks are going broke trying to exchange currencies for dollars to
purchase energy. The European countries are in recession and the pain will only get worse from here.

Who else is helping Trump bankrupt the central banks in this war against the cabal?

Saudi Arabia

Because we are at the end of the debt cycle, the entire world’s economy is on the brink of recession. The whole world is drowning in debt. Inflation is out of control and going higher, and what is the biggest catalyst?


When oil is up around $100 a barrel, it affects everything. Energy prices drive up costs on everything. Many people forget that the 2008 housing bubble burst because oil spiked in price. It went from the $50-$60 dollar range to around $100. What that did was force
millions of Americans who were trapped in unaffordable mortgages to make a choice: pay their mortgage or fill their gas tank to go to work. They chose the former, and many stopped paying their mortgages.

The high oil prices are having the same effect on the U.S. economy right now. Biden has desperately emptied the reserves to temporarily lower gas prices before the midterms, but it’s not helping. He even went to beg Saudi Arabia to increase output.

In fact, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is doing the opposite. He’s cutting production by 2 million barrels a day.

Bin Salman took the opposite approach with Trump, resetting the oil price by massively increasing production, which helped grow the American economy and put extra money in the pockets of Americans.

Oil prices determine the direction of economies, which is why this practice, along with increased production among American oil producers helped the global economy survive the cabal’s plan to use the Plandemic as a catalyst for a global reset.

The Cabal used to control Saudi Arabia, but that has changed. Saudi Arabia has now aligned itself with Russia and China and could be on the docket to join the BRICS economic coalition next year. In short, the cabal has no control over the oil price anymore.

The entire global debt system is on the edge of a cliff and inflationary oil prices will push it over the edge. The central banks have lost control of the oil price and are helpless to stop what’s happening, as the very dollar that the cabal forced everyone to purchase has now been weaponized against them.

And this great transition is happening while Trump is offstage.
He has wrested control from the central banks by taking away the two weapons they use to control the world.

Money and oil, which brings us to one final, inevitable conclusion:
The best is truly yet to come.

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