How many of you cannot bear the sight of him?

Like Obama, who makes my skin crawl, Biden is REPULSIVE.

And his pathetic, disgusting son too.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. I cannot stand to see or hear this traitorous liar! He and his whole family needs to be arrested, tried, convicted and appropriate punishment meted out that fits traitorous acts: firing squad, hanging, etc. Stop pussy-footing around with every single one of these traitors. We, the People, are getting tired of the rhetoric and want to see some action against the 11/3/2020 insurrection and subsequent actions of this illegitimate regime which includes both D’s and Rhinos!

  2. They ALL make me want to puke! Biden crime family belongs behind bars, not playacting at being POTUS and running this Country into the ground.

  3. The only fans the “puke in chief” has are the weaponized, mind-controlled LGBTQ and WHY crowd and those in this country, illegally, that don’t speak English.
    It’s actually become a joke. I have every faith that there is a mechanism in this country, working behind the scenes that will clear this up and create a safe, healing opportunity for the homeless and drug addicted, while creating a safer space for the general population from the sexually insane, where these sociopaths can no longer groom, rape, torture and sell children.

  4. Ovomit is more evil than Biden cuz he knows he is destroying America & loves it. He is Satan’s minion

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