The Purge & More

Came across an interesting conversation between Karma Patriot and others on Telegram.

“……lots to unpack with all this CCP infiltration & how it’s boomeranging back to the Biden Family/Administration & lots of “higher ups”.

I’m very much undecided, but heavily leaning towards them ALL— Guo/Bannon/Gregg/Catherine/Truth Social division creators & Bots/Desantis/Lindell/Zelensky….& even Hunter— playing very strategic roles to expose & stomp out those who are in bed with China & Ukraine. 

I truly believe that a corruption purge, a very deep cleaning, is underway that’s gotta be wrapped in time for the 2024 Election.

I’m gonna try to stay neutral until I see irrefutable proof that someone is playing for Team DEEP STATE.”

Pretty good advice. I think we’re in for some surprises.

The best ones at sussing this out – in my estimation — are “Just Human and many of the gang at Badlands Media.

Byron Donalds – One to Watch.

TRUMP was at a Ft. Myers Pizza Shop the other night after he wrapped up his speech at the Lee County GOP Dinner.

Take a look (and note who is standing beside him – House Rep. Byron Donalds):

Biography | U.S. Congressman Byron Donalds

“Byron Donalds grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and he is also the proud son of a hardworking and loving single mother. His mother dedicated her time instilling in him that greatness requires sacrifice, which drives him as…”

“Experience and wisdom. At 44 years of age. He needs a few yrs under his belt…just my opinion.” – Comment

Just a thought….Byron Donalds just might be Trump’s choice for VP.” – Comment

Another commenter wrote:

Absolutely. We all have to realize that President Trump can’t be president forever and somebody he has to trust to carry the torch afterwards. I have never considered Obama to be the first black president especially since you know they cheated. He is also half white and half black which is fine as both of my sons are as well, but Obama is not of slavery ancestry. Therefore he never was part of the fabric of the United States. Byron can be that President.

Other comments:

“I was just thinking that Byron could be our first REAL black POTUS. After all, I am of the belief that BHO is not a natural born American…”

“I agree… my major requirement for POTUS going forward is trust… I want to know that whoever steps in after PDJT, can’t be bought/bribed.. for now, MG, MTG haven’t given me reason to doubt them. But, I’m skeptical that we will ever find anyone to trust the way we trust President Trump.”

“It would trigger the LEFT SOOOO BAD! They’d definitely say he only chose him bc of his last name  🤣😂”

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Just awesome.. genius thought. Someone should print these whether he’s running or not just to trigger libs

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