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Steve Bannon Suggests Murdochs Took Tucker Carlson Off Air to Keep Trump from Winning the 2024 Election

By Candice Ortiz Apr 26th, 2023, 2:03 pm

Former White House Chief strategist Steve Bannon theorized that the decision by Fox News to part ways with star host Tucker Carlson could be part of a more diabolical plan to sway the 2024 elections.

Bannon conjured the theory with Charlie Kirk during an appearance on The Charlie Kirk Show Tuesday as they discussed the cable news shake-up.

“Tucker is under contract. I think he’s the highest paid, by far person, not just at Fox, but in all mainstream cable news. He was negotiating, his agents and lawyers were negotiating an extension of his contract through 2029 when this happened,” Bannon said. “…He was negotiating an extension of this massive contract, I think it’s pretty clear, particularly the way they did it and showed no respect to him. They blew him out.”

Bannon said the last thing companies like Fox News want is for former employees to go work for a competitor.

“So the way these contracts are written is, they can take you off air. They can essentially ‘We parted ways,’ but as long as they meet the terms of that contract and paying you.” Bannon said.

“As long as they pay Tucker. And I think this contract from what I’m told — runs a couple of years, they’ve taken him off. What the Murdochs have done is taken the populous voice, the anti-Ukraine voice, the anti-uniparty voice, the platform in mainstream media and primetime. The only voice out there of populous nationalism, right? They’ve taken it off through the 2024 election, which is, I’ve said from day one is what the Murdoch’s plan here is,” Bannon said.

He elaborated that the Murdoch family could possibly attempt to run the remainder of Carlson’s contract out through 2024 or 2025, which would keep him off the airwaves until after the election.

Bannon insisted that, although many believe Lachlan Murdoch is a conservative, he is far from it.

“The Murdochs are foreigners. They think like foreigners,” Bannon said, an attack he’s made several times in the past against the Fox News founding family. “This is all about money and power. Lachlan Murdoch with his old man, were the two guys that pulled the trigger on this taking orders from his father.”

“And what they’re trying to do is suppress the platform and the voice of populous nationalism in our country,” he insisted.

Bannon lauded Carlson’s ability to get a dynamic audience and cover complex topics that few other hosts would dare attempt to cover.

“They’re gonna use any tool they can get their hands on to stop Trump. And if they don’t do that, they’re gonna back the Biden or the Michelle Obama or whoever it is to stop Trump because Trump represents populist nationalism in this country. And now they’ve actually hurt themselves economically by taking Tucker Carlson off. That shows you a signal to your audience of how much they fear the audience,” Bannon said.

“I think you’re gonna see a huge fight with them trying to keep Tucker Carlson from starting his own network, from going to either the Newsmax or Real America’s Voice, starting his own podcast. Whatever it is to get his message out, they will fight tooth and nail to stop that. Cause what they’re trying to do is take his platform away at least through 2024,” Bannon said.

Watch above via The Charlie Kirk Show.

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  1. What if he’s Trump’s VP pick or any other cabinet spot? Can the diabolical Murdochs fight that in court? I thought Tucker was in contract negotiations when they fired him, but nothing agreed on? So many “stories”—but we all LOVE Tucker!

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