Debt Limit Bill Passage forces AWOL Biden to negotiate

House Republicans: Debt Limit Bill Passage Forces ‘AWOL’ Biden to Negotiate Spending Cuts

  • House Republicans have ramped up pressure on President Joe Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to work with the GOP on reducing government spending now that the House has passed a debt limit package.
  • The Limit, Save, Grow Act, which passed Wednesday with no Democrat support, would lift the debt ceiling through early next year while saving the government an estimated $4.8 trillion over the next ten years.
  • “One party has taken care of the debt ceiling. We have lifted the debt ceiling,” McCarthy told reporters of the bill’s passage, an indisputable GOP victory that took months of whipping and intraparty negotiating.
  • The president wants to make sure the debt ceiling’s gonna be lifted? Sign this bill,” the speaker added.
  • Biden, who has already vowed to veto Republicans’ measure, said as recently as Wednesday that raising the limit was “not negotiable,” a posture that has led to Republican criticisms that the president has been “missing in action” on the matter.
  • “The president has been AWOL the entire time, hoping that we fail,” Rep. Ben Cline (R-VA), 
  • “We had those negotiations and came up with a bill that saves taxpayers money and grows the economy,” Scalise continued. “At the end of the day, it is President Biden who can no longer sit on the sidelines. He’s been in hiding.”


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  1. Nah. Cowards. 95% of the GOP House is castrated. Many should be in prison, the rest of them slowly burned alive.

    Expect it. The clock is ticking. They all think they’re the smart ones and we’re idiots.


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