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Another good one. Hope it was for you as well. Here are some interesting things to consider…

Tracking Of An Eagle Over A 20 Year Period    

The States shown in Blue above Have A Smaller Population Than Los Angeles County shown in red 

 50 Percent Of Canadians Live South Of The Red Line    

The Biggest Non-Government Employer in Each State  

The Red and Orange Sections Have Equal Populations

All The Nations That Have To Be Combined To Be Equal To Brazil’s Annual Homicides    

These Two Areas of Africa Have Roughly Equal Populations  

Light Pollution From Coast To Coast   

Passenger Railway Network 2020    

An Image Of GPS Tracking Of Multiple Wolves In Six Different Packs Around Voyageurs National Park Shows How Much The Wolf Packs Avoid Each Other’s Range   

How Much Snow Does It Usually Take To Cancel Schools?    

You Can Fit the Entirety of Poland Into Texas And Still Be Able To Drive Around It   

Out Of Service Railways  

Every State Ranked by Healthiness

World’s Smallest Country vs. Largest Building 

List of Countries Mentioned Or Referred In The Bible 

Most Common Country Of Birth For Foreign-born Residents In The US, Excluding Mexico

Japan, How Big It Is in Reality?

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