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Writ of Certiorari: To petition the court to hear a case. 

Certiorari: Cert-shee-ARE-ee

From Charlie Kirk:

Clarence Thomas is an exceptional person. These savages are doing everything they can to take him out. They have hated him since his confirmation hearing. We must stand with Clarence Thomas!

They hate Clarence Thomas because he won’t do the Roberts thing. He’s more conservative and courageous than ever. Every attack makes him stronger.

They tried to destroy Clarence Thomas’s life and reputation in 1991. 

They failed. Joe Biden failed. 

And it was because Clarence Thomas fought back.

Now they want revenge.  

Never underestimate how much of politics is about settling scores.


Moral Of Clarence Thomas Story: Pro-Lifers Do Care About People

The ProPublica hit piece on Clarence Thomas is actually about love and sacrifice — and it destroys the left’s favorite abortion narrative.

We now know that Justice Sotomayor didn’t recuse herself in cases involving Random House after getting paid $3 million from the publisher.

But did you know that Justice Kagan isn’t recusing herself from the Harvard admission case despite being a dean at the school for 6 years?

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