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Independent International Affairs Analyst Gilbert Doctorow says after Ukraine staged a sabotage mission in Bryansk, Russia killing multiple people..

Russia then staged a revenge attack with 6 hypersonic missiles, one of which struck Lviv, the western capital of Ukraine… 

That Missile he says took out a deeply built concrete bunker holding 300 top western & Ukrainian officers who were managing communications on behalf of NATO in Ukraine. 200 were generals in high NATO offices. 

Just did some light digging, and I see some chatter this happened weeks ago. Clay Morris on Redacted reported on this as well. Radio silence since then. 

Take with grain of salt. Hard to know what’s habbening so far away. Stay prayered up. That’s N word talk.

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Rep James Comer – oversight committee to unveil Hunter findings today- Comer: We followed the money and all roads lead to Joe

The engines are revving up…

What do you expect that we don’t already know? 

GOP Oversight James Comer, TODAY 9AM


“For the first time, the American people will see….”

Bank records will show wire transfers from adversaries from around the world into a web of LLC’s that were owned or controlled by the Biden’s & those transfer were made back into the Biden family account.

“They set this up to be as complicated as possible, to make it as difficult as possible to do two things….

1. Trace where the sender was

2. Deceive the IRS 

What was the business the Biden family was owning & operating?

Absolutely no credible businesses… “Shell companies set up to launder money from foreign nationals into the Biden family’s back pocket.”

They’re gonna have a lot of explaining to do. They’ve been putting millions & millions of dollars from our enemies around the world. 


Interesting timing…interesting words💎 

The jewelry was famously worn by Diana at the gala evening for Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall in June 1997 – her last official engagement before her death.

The magnificent gems – known as the Swan Lake Suite – have belonged to a prominent Ukrainian family since 2008.

But the owners’ ability to maintain their business in the war-torn country has led to them to put them up for auction.

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