“Oh shit this is a big deal. 

Biden is abusing his executive powers to cover up his own family’s illegal foreign business dealings, by halting and obstructing investigations into his own crimes via Hunter. 

Biden is a lawless dictator, and must be removed immediately.”

Even Andy McCabe got his pension back. The DOJ settled with him rather than face a federal lawsuit asserting he was illegally fired for his role in the FBI’s Russia investigation. 

Criminals and liars all of them.

Referrals made by Durham:

-June 30, 2020 to WFO re: existing counterintel investigation

-Dec 2020 to OI re: accuracy of information contained in four non-Page FISA applications

-Dec 14, 2022 to IG for DoD (Storch!) re: matter involving DARPA contract and Georgia Tech + separate matter re: irregular conduct in 2016 of two fmr DoD employees

-(no date given) to FBI’s OFC and ID re: FBI agent failing to document properly the known history of Danchenko (guessing that is his first handler, I’d have to go find the name)

-(no date given) to FBI’s OFC and ID re: same agent for questionable instructions given to Danchenko regarding taxes on cash payments

“In addition to the referrals described above, the Office also provided information to the FBI’s Inspection Division regarding certain activities by current and former FBI employees.”

By Radiopatriot

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