UPDATE: Committee is back in session.

COMMITTEE is in recess to take a House vote, and will resume shortly. Stand by.

Just tweeted:

The FBI Whistleblowers hearing is on fire. Right from the outset.

I’m watching on Badlands Media and they’re talking with Ashli Babbitt’s family and Ivan Raiklin who are on site in the Hearing Chamber.

Badlands Media Special Coverage: Weaponization of Gov’t Hearing – FBI Whistleblowers

During the recess, friends of Garrett Ziegler (Marco Polo Investigations) show off the bound book containing contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Epoch Times TV is carrying the hearing

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  1. Halleluiah! God bless and protect these brave truthtellers. Abolish the filthy, corrupt D.C. (district of criminals) FBI office!!

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