Busy and LOUD weekend on the Space Coast

Kicking off a noisy weekend at 2am this morning was the rumble of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket lifting off the pad at Kennedy Space Center, launching 22 second-generation Starlink satellites into orbit.

Tomorrow in next door Cocoa Beach, we’ll share the seaside with lots of thunder, generated by powerboat races kicking up some waves.

The always exciting  Thunder on Cocoa Beach offshore powerboat races will return for its 13th year on Florida’s Space Coast May 18-21 for four days and nights of parties, concerts and lots of awesome racing action.

The Space Coast Super Boat Grand Prix is one of the most popular family attractions in Central Florida and draws top world race teams to compete in various classes with Class 1 reaching speeds over 175 mph.

On Sunday, we’re looking at another rocket launch, this one named the DRAGON, carrying a four-member crew to the International Space Station.

To say that “tout le monde” will converge on our skinny barrier island would be an understatement. See you on the beach!

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