Supposedly, there are no CURRENT PLANS to wipe away the Grassy Knoll fence by the city of Dallas…

(from Robert Morrow, expert on plot to kill JFK / Assassination)

But I will tell you this, the Elites of Dallas, the people who were close to Lyndon Johnson and then close to the CIA Bush Crime Family would LOVE to wipe away the fence on the Grassy Knoll if they had the political power to do it!

Dallas has gotten much more liberal and Democratic and that is what is stopping any major assault on Dealey Plaza.

Remember, although Lyndon Johnson was deeply involved, the JFK assassination was a Right Wing Coup and both the conservative elites of Dallas were involved as well as elements of CIA and military intelligence.

Any person or family beholden to those groups is always a threat to bulldoze the fence on the Grassy Knoll and then tell everyone a lone nut killed JFK, when in reality their GRANDPARENTS were the ones orchestrating the killing of John Kennedy. (Think of the daughters and grandchildren of Lyndon Johnson.)   – Robert Morrow, JFK assassination genius

From Glenda of CAPA: Greetings from CAPA!

This is an update on the House Bill regarding release of the JFK records and the Dealey Plaza issue:

Larry Schnapf has been working on a House Bill to obtain release of the records – he spoke about this at the CAPA conference banquet in November. 

For those who need a refresher on this please see below:

The Justice for Kennedy Act (H.R. 637) was introduced in the House on January 30 by Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ1). It would not only require six government departments to publicly release any remaining unreleased JFK assassination records in unredacted form within 30 days of its enactment but also eliminate the prohibitions on releasing Lee Oswald’s tax records and records subject to deeds of gift.

The bill has been referred to the following House Committees: Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, Oversight and Accountability, Judiciary, Ways and Means and the Permanent Select Intelligence. However, it has yet to attract any co-sponsors. Without additional sponsors, it will not move forward to the hearing phase.

We ask you to contact your representative before the House takes its summer recess and ask them to consider becoming a co-sponsor.

The bill summary and details may be accessed at:

Update on Dealey Plaza issue:

A number of CAPA members called the head of the Plans Dept. in Dallas, Trent Williams, pursuant to our request. One member, Richard DeLaughter, was able to get some good information. His step-father worked with Trent Williams on projects in the city. His mother called Trent and below is her report of his response:

Mr. Williams said that he is in charge of the Parks Dept. He has no plans to change Dealey Plaza. He said that outsiders have come in and tried to get approval for the park but he is opposed. He wanted a new statue of JFK installed at the plaza and those same outsiders have opposed that with the threat of taking it down. He said his wish is to keep it the way it is forever with the addition of a statue. 

Another member, Will Fritz, called – and was given the below information:

Trent told me the redoing of Dealey Plaza was simply an idea that had been proposed and was wishtful thinking.  He assured me there were no plans at the current time, or in the foreseeable future, that anything would be changed. 

The only new item would be placing some artwork west of the Triple Underpass.  My impression from the article was that it was more than wistful thinking and that they were in the stage of planning to do something.  But, from what Trent Williams told me, that didn’t seem to be the case. 

So, I don’t know if he was being completely honest about the situation, although he, to use a phrase, sounded sincere about what he was telling me.  Let me know if it turns out he was not being completely straightforward because I would be interested in participating in any effort stop the city of Dallas from changing the park in any manner.

In light of this information, it appears we have nothing to worry about – at this time. However, we and our members in and around Dallas will continue to monitor the situation as best we can. As an aside – wouldn’t it be great if Trent were able to get a new statue of JFK in Dealey Plaza?

60th Anniversary conference information:

As reported earlier, the Wecht Institute will be hosting a JFK conference in Pittsburgh on 16 and 17 November. They are reviewing applications and have invited several researchers to speak but it is early yet and nothing is confirmed. CAPA is considering several ideas to coincide with the Wecht conference at the Pittsburgh location – a one-day CAPA conference on Saturday and some evening events. We hope to have more information soon.


Robert Morrow 

I visited Dealey Plaza in 2012:

The exact spot on the pavement where JFK’s limo was when he was shot.

The infamous “Grassy Knoll” fence where it is believed at least two shooters stood and took aim.

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