Oil, gas prices to rise “big time”

from Joe Lange:

Q said Trump is surrounded by generals.


He was a war time president on Inauguration Day.

How does the military take over investigations from three letter agencies?

When we are in a state of war against an insurgency.

What is the military strategy?

As I often say, the Counterinsurgency guide explains it.

Both military and civilian simultaneously.

So what is “state secrets” that allows the military to do this?

State Secrets is a court ruling forcing operations in a time of war to remain secret. Otherwise it’s treason.

The courts are involved and have been from the beginning, ruling that a lot of things remain hidden.

This is why I say that suddenly most judges, even Obama judges, are suddenly following the law.

Justice is coming and it will be simultaneously military and civilian.

A spike in the price of oil is incoming!

Gas prices are about to rise big time.

Another disaster for Biden who has drained our oil reserves.

All of this seems to be planned for the summer.

Saudi Energy Minister Warns Oil Bears To “Watch Out”

“Speculators, like in any market they are there to stay, I keep advising them that they will be touching…”


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