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  1. I believe in the Power of Christ and I choose to be vigilant in maintaining my health so that I can help others in time of need. I was trained for these times.

    Have you seen this?

    Apparently, SEERS is the next pandemic coming to a theatre near you and me.
    It is an “enterovirus”, so this is the real “toilet paper revolution”. I’ve heard from many sources that many coming over our Southern borders are infected with these viruses, which could easily be a part of their “travel kit” water bottles.
    In any case, one might consider getting an inexpensive Veken or Brondell bidet that easily fits onto the toilet, featuring front and back spray nozzles. I cut small squares of old clothing made of 100% cotton and linen to dry after using the bidet, rather than “cleaning” with toilet paper.
    As well, having dematiaceous earth like “Great Plains” Bentonite Detox liquid, Charcoal pills or something that will provide an “earthy” detox of the gut.
    As well, Dr. Jennifer Daniels has detox protocol that features the natural spirits of turpentine that are tapped from a tree like maple syrup. This remedy absolutely kills all types of organisms/parasites in the body and when the protocol is used long enough (max 30 days/max 1teaspoon p/d for adults), it kills the miniscule parasites in the blood and brain. It can be purchased from their website or on Amazon. I believe it is called “triple G” or something like that. Their farms are in Georgia.
    Finally, equal parts of salt and sugar (like a pinch of each) make for an excellent electrolyte replacement. I would either have both salt and sugar on hand or invest in an electrolyte replacement, I keep “Trace Minerals” electrolyte replacement packs on hand along with their mineral replacement drops. One drop in 8 oz of reverse osmosis water replaces the natural minerals that are stripped and keeps the RO water from stripping our bodies of the minerals that we do have. There is so much information out there telling us that salt is our “friend” and if we are suffering from bowel issues, we are losing salt and other precious minerals that need to be replaced immediately for the healing process.
    If an enterovirus does become another plandemic, it means that parasite eggs and larvae will be everywhere due to improper cleaning, so keep this in mind when opening mail, touching doors, countertops, payment pads, pens, etc. This is a good time to have (washable) gloves on when in public.
    I have traveled extensively and maintained a resolute defense and still came home with parasites of every kind.
    I think I will prepare a place in my garage that is a “safe space” that can be cleaned that everything gets cleaned before entering my home.
    Finally, lice is rampant. If you are going to get on a bus, plane or sit in a high- backed chair anywhere in public, I’d bring something to lay your head against for protection. If this helps a single person than I am happy.

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