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  1. Oh, Lordy, that was brutal! I guess after he grows up a bit and learns some important lessons … and his head deflates … maybe there is a future for him in that specific arena. He IS the best governor in the nation.


    In some somewhat related news of Florida … the FLORIDA PANTHERS BEAT the CAROLINA HURRICANES (they were tied 3-3 and Panther wing Tkachuk scored the winning goal with 4.3 seconds left in the third period) and they will be playing either the Dallas Stars or the Las Vegas Knights FOR THE STANLEY CUP!

    Snowbirds take note. Ya don’t have to be a Florida cracker to care. I predict Las Vegas will win the West and will play the Panthers for the Cup IMO that was a big mistake Buffalo made.

    I want the Panthers to win but they’re gonna be some tough games. Both of those teams each have two outstanding players that the Buffalo Sabres traded away.

    This is one of the activities I have to help me maintain my sanity, patience and temperament due to this evil, sub-human, insane entity that we’re in a war against.

    They’ve already lost. It’s only a matter of time.


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