Wishful thinking

Someone’s getting ahead of himself.

Too bad it’s not true. Yet.

But, better days ahead!

–Bohemian Grove, Telegram

By Radiopatriot

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  1. I find it hard to believe. To much screwy information with no PROOF. These criminals relatives would be all over the place screaming. Never a word.

  2. I agree, many people are getting ahead of themselves. I have seen even more bizarre stuff than this. No rational thinking person would buy into any of this nonsense. Regarding the “better days ahead” I do hope so. And on that note, I keep hearing about the expansion of Gitmo and the “secret” courtroom. I have no way of knowing if any of that is true but I actually think holding secret trials and/or executions would be a mistake. If there really is going to be a Nuremberg 2.0 it needs to be made public. Don’t mean to be ghoulish but people need to know what is happening and why. We need not worry about offending anyone’s sensibilities. If we have to wait for the “normies” to wake up it’s never going to happen. The fact that Trump is only slightly ahead of Biden in the polls, or that Biden still has an approval rating anywhere above 0 after all that has happened, tells me that there is no hope for this country as it stands. We must take action now and whoever does not go along will be left in the dust. “Secret” trials will just seem like more of the same nonsense we are seeing now, chalked up to conspiracy theories or whatever. Of course, if they were to announce that they would televise the executions on pay-per-view, their servers would crash within the first 15 minutes from all the traffic… 🤣

    1. Do a search on this site for “Guantanamo” or “Gitmo” where you’ll find actual published reports about the major expansion taking place there, including two courtrooms with cameras, living quarters for US military and contract personnel, and a school for their children. Also, the prison is being equipped with assisted living type accommodations for the elderly, prisoners who will be there into old age and/or when they die.

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