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The plan is for him to expose more RINOs, take their money, then he drops out, endorses Trump. – Spitballer

This is a big one. Take your time to mull it over. This could go either way!

First, Don Trump JR recently Truthed that selection of the next vice president “is going to be brutal.”

Why? He didn’t explain. Just “left” it there, hanging in the ether. “Brutal.”

Second, would President Trump have endorsed RDS unless he knew he could trust they were both on the same side, on the same team, sharing the same view for America, and possessing a keen understanding of the Constitutional rights accorded the states and the people? Was a deal offered by the Great Negotiator to his understudy RDS to ‘play the fool’ as a trap was being set to entice the bad guys into a box with no exit?

By endorsing RDS, did Trump negotiate a deal with Florida’s governor? Did RDS and his wife/family know EXACTLY what he was signing up for? Was he warned it would be rough going?

Did RDS agree to gamble that his political successes would not be permanently damaged? To put his reputation as the nation’s highly regarded governor on the line?

Might he have been told – assured — that rehabilitation would be certain and fast? Is Trump observing how RDS is handling the pressure? Is RDS auditioning for a bigger role than perhaps was offered?

Much is being written about RDS and Trump this week, and some very are wondering if this is a brilliant military-grade maneuver to smoke out the RINO enemies, especially the hobbits both within and without Congress. Trump has said MANY times, “We got it all. I have it all.”

I’m counting on it. No room for doubt.

So, what do YOU think?

Maybe, just maybe, this is a multi-dimensional mission to draw out the RINOs, the BIG donors, the people who are looking to buy power thru proxy? Vacuum the pockets they’ve been happily turning inside out to fill your war chest to the brim?

Would a vice-presidential candidacy and maybe later a PRESIDENTIAL run cost a ton of money? Would it be advantageous to vacuum the pockets of MAGA enemies before they’re sent to prison or worse for their crimes?

Does this give RDS huge national exposure for a future Presidential run four years after Trump?

You might say the attention and publicity it is worthless, negative, makes him look dull, uninspiring, foolish.

But what if it is all an act?

What if the end game is what some are speculating it might be?

That Trump will pick RDS to be his VP, giving him four years of OJT experience at the federal level, working beside the masterful Trump as his “Apprentice,” with the objective of succeeding Trump in ’28?

I keep thinking about what Don JR. truthed:

“It will be brutal.”

When those “betters”, “oligarchs,” Clinton Cabal,” or however you describe them, realize they’ve been duped by the biggest sting operation in our (and theirs) lifetimes, they will be looking for blood. Along with their lackeys on Capitol Hill, these traitorous criminals will be so enraged, they will wage an all-out war against us. It will be ugly. BIG ugly.

I have the distinct sense that we haven’t yet seen anything like what’s coming up ahead.


By Radiopatriot

Retired Talk Radio Host, Retired TV reporter/anchor, Retired Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Retired Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist Twitter.com/RadioPatriot * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot


  1. My take is that if he & DeSantis are working together then Trump has DeSantis loyalty and may feel inclined to choose DS as his VP. I have heard Gen Flynn but the loudest I have heard is JFK Jr. It’s been everywhere. I believe that Trump at heart would want Jr. But would the country may feel Jr doesn’t have the experience. He has the name and a lot of us love him and the whole Camelot story. His father killed as an inside job (Johnson & mafia). That’s why I think it will be brutal. Then enter all of Trump’s advisors who have others to nominate. We already have Tim Scott who is a wonderful man and experience as a Senator.

    My personal preference is: 1) JFK Jr 2) Flynn 3) DeSantis. ( DeSantis is the youngest & has time to earn him way to the presidency)

    1. I agree…IF JFK Jr IS still alive–him as VP WOULD BE BRUTAL! Oh my…
      I’ve also thought about Byron Donalds, US Rep for FL, and Lt Gov Mark Robinson of North Carolina–both very strong men, and well spoken! However, Lt Gov Robinson has announced his bid for Governor of NC.in April.
      I do believe it will be someone we least expect

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