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Symbolism will be their downfall. – Q

From BioClandestine:

🚨🦠Bioweapons Alert🦠🚨

The Russian Government tweeted that they found human-engineered bioweapon samples at a US DoD-funded biolab in Ukraine… 

Not a single article on any search engine and I seem to be the only one reporting on it on Twitter…


From Just Human:

‘You may recall the story about allegedly “embarrassing” videos that were leaked about Tucker Carlson that turned out to be anything but. They just made Carlson sound more based than everyone had already thought.

But you may have wondered where the videos came from. Now there’s more to the story on that and the FBI is involved.’

The link in 2357 is Reagan’s speech about Strength in Numbers

The Farm refers to the CIA

From Just Human:

“Trump is a wrecking ball. Trump destroyed multiple Republican political dynasties, shattered GOP neocon ideology, and tossed the old guard to the wind. The Bushes, the Cheneys, the Romneys, and the McCains don’t even hide the fact they are now de facto Democrats. From the perspective of the traditional GOP, Trump’s real crime was pulling the curtains back on the uniparty.…

With the full weight of the Leviathan against him, Trump remains in the battle.”

By Radiopatriot

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