My President.

By Radiopatriot

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  2. I honor and appreciate Donald Trump for all that he has done and attempted to do for our country and humanity at large; however, Russel J. Gould isn’t going away. He did an esteemed service for humanity and Trump’s ignoring Gould and his efforts to save and support humanity seem to be caught in that “gray area” of Trump’s ignoble behavior. Gould has the receipts and IF “we the people” are going to move forward with integrity and honor, then Gould and his work are going to have to be recognized. Not only is it the RIGHT THING TO DO, but it is also the legal path forward. The TRUTH would have mobilized all battleworthy “human troops” against our shared enemy a long time ago and that continues to be our BEST DEFENSE, clearly.
    Lately, I find Trump’s attack on Kaleigh McEnany embarrassing. That woman took heavy fire for HIS ignorance, immaturity and poor choices and she is less than half his age. It gives me cause to question his own integrity and allegiances and I am not alone. I wonder if the bitter words were really worth the outcome OR is it just “part of the show”?
    We all have plenty of experience with Trump, knowing that it really doesn’t matter to him. He moves on quickly, but his attacks linger with his base. A simple correction in numbers would have suffice and given her a chance to correct the record on national TV. Neither McEnany nor Gould are “non-players”. They have both given their own “life force” for the sake of Americans and humanity, especially Gould. In my book, this means something, it inspires, and it fertilizes a righteous path forward.
    To be clear, Trump as a “President” was LEGALLY in no better position than Obama for different reasons. According to our TRUE AND RIGHTEOUS FLAG, the RIGHTEOUS LAW of the LAND and our Constitution, Clinton, by law was tasked with stepping down in 1999 before his second term was complete.
    Everything after that was a show and most of them absolutely knew it, hoping that the recipient of their prayer would take the lead.
    I don’t believe in “The Show Must Go On”. Personally, I believe in CORRECTION and CLEANING UP THE MESS IN TRUTH, INTEGRITY AND RESPONSIBILITY, building on a corrected and solid foundation. This very often requires faith and trust in God.
    A book called “The Hiding Place” about Corrie Ten Boom gives many examples of how faith and trust can be the outstanding resort to our natural human responses for the most favorable outcomes, sometimes shockingly so.
    May God bless Donald Trump, Russel J. Gould and Kayleigh McEnany, their families and their paths forward.

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