Spitballer Jeannine asks Joe Lange:

Wait…. when you said in your last article, you “couldn’t figure out what Trump was doing to limit the suffering of the coming fiat currency global debt system collapse. I knew there had to be a plan in place.” then “found evidence of the plan was by finding the connection of Kushner pushing CBDC.” ……then “That changed my whole perspective.”

Last I recall, you felt strongly that there IS a plan in place to limit the suffering….so your whole perspective was changed because of what you’ve learned about Jared Kushner? 😳 Or it was what you’ve learned about the Kushner connection has changed your perspective on the CBDC part?

Keep in mind, I’m not – repeat NOT lol – good when it comes to financial talk so maybe I’m misunderstanding you entirely but would like clarification if you see where I’m missing something. I thank you in advance for your response.  😊

Joe Lange:


I knew there had to be a plan in place by Trump to limit the suffering and timeframe of the coming fiat debt system collapse but I couldn’t see how he would be able to move us into the new system being built by the BRICS because everything is tied to the fiat dollar.

Because everything is centralized around the dollar, we would have to wait till almost last to move to a gold standard or other countries would demand gold in exchange for our dollars and drain our reserves.

Because of that, I knew pain was coming for us, it was unavoidable.

But seeing that Kushner was actually the one who kickstarted the push by the Federal Reserve to create a digital dollar was eye opening.

It told me that the path to a quicker transfer into the new system was actually being created by central banks.

And not just the Federal Reserve.

Almost a hundred countries now are developing a digital currency, and those are going to be the quick pathway into a gold standard and will limit the timeframe of suffering because transactions happen in mere minutes.

I hope I explained it better.

Joe Lange:

“…I’ve been working on my Substack and I’m going to have to make it a three part series.

The info is just massive.

My first part will focus on just the Saudi Arabia part.

It’s a bigger deal than most realize.

I found another interesting angle I don’t think anybody knows or talks about.

There’s a Kushner angle.

I know how big a player Kushner is in everything happening.

I believe he is definitely one of the “civilian” people who know about the plan.

The first thing I do is look for a Kushner connection to things for confirmation of what Trump is actually doing behind the scenes.

My last article, I couldn’t figure out what Trump was doing to limit the suffering of the coming fiat currency global debt system collapse. I knew there had to be a plan in place.

Where I found evidence of the plan was by finding the connection of Kushner pushing CBDC.

That changed my whole perspective.

He had a similar effect in Saudi Arabia which is why they are Trump’s biggest ally right now.

John Sharp:

I saw an article recently about Jared Kushner, but I cannot remember where. He’s been kind of hanging below the radar hasn’t he? In fact if I remember right, the article recommended to watch Jared. Trying to recall the article, but I can’t seem to. As for the substack article you’re working on, I am looking forward to the finished product.

John Sharp:

Donald J. Trump= genius.                    


Jared Kushner = genius

These two financial geniuses put together equals a master plan to get us out of the fiat system.

Joe Lange:

It is actually brilliant!!

Finding the Jared Kushner connection to pushing CBDC in the background was a massive lightbulb moment for me.

That was the nugget I was giddy about finding over a month ago that I was so excited about.

I knew that when the whole world is screaming that CBDC is horrible and Trump is completely silent, that there had to be another side to the story.

My guess was that if Trump was doing something with CBDC in secret, that I would find evidence of Kushner involved.

My instinct was exactly right, and when I found that evidence I was not just amazed but encouraged to know there truly was a plan in place for the coming collapse.

Joe Lange:

Jared Kushner is not just a patriot, but Trump’s most trusted advisor.

He’s been tasked with all of the big behind the scenes operations that nobody knows about.

I have discovered his involvement in the take down of Al Waleed and the rise of Crown Prince Salman too.

I will give that evidence in my coming article.

If you want to know what Trump is doing behind the scenes?

Look first at Kushner.

He’s the key.

Sunflowers and Rain:

And the media painted Kushner as a Trump traitor awhile back. I was so confused about that. Thanks for setting it straight for me.

Joe Lange:

I don’t think Trump minds that at all because it helps hide what he’s doing in the background in secret.

Therefore, when Q says, less than 10, of which only 3 are non-military, that includes the CIC.

And I think he (Kushner) is one of the few who aren’t military and know the details of the plan.

There is no doubt who is ruling Saudi Arabia by anybody.

It is Crown Prince Salman. He is Trump’s biggest ally

My first article will focus on Saudi Arabia, what happened and how much it’s changed since Trump helped install Crown Prince Salman as it’s ruler.

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  1. No word yet on the Mark of the Beast. Once they go digital there goes liberty no matter what you say is backing it. That gold is a diversion to get people to go along with it. No one pushing digital currency is a good guy.

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