Is it just me or does it seem like funerals for DC elites are in the near future?
I’m getting that strange feeling more than one will …. well you know .. That bucket kicking thing .. Odd feeling .. Sad but true though
— WH Grampa

This. This is big. 
No matter how many lies they spew, no matter how many statistics they manipulate, THEY. CANNOT. RUN. FROM. THIS.  The consequences of the vaccine have created a ripple effect that will only continue to grow and become more blatant. 
Remember – Things may not play out at the speed we want, but they sure as hell will play out in the way it matters most. 
Exposure is INEVITABLE. 
— Red.Pill.Phamacist

Soros is a puppet master involved in a lot of things. For example, he’s been behind the funding of the invasion on our southern border and Antifa along with BLM. He controlled politicians too because of bribes and corruption. He was also heavily into the corruption in Ukraine and the Nazi’s there. But Al Waleed was on a different level with control of the CIA. Al Waleed was actually dangerous. He was by far the biggest threat to Trump when he became president. This series I’m writing will prove that in so many ways. It might end up being a ten part — Joe Lange

By Radiopatriot

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