Stephen A. Smith dared to ask if Kim Kardashian is a prostitute and is Kris Jenner a pimp the other day. The Kardashian mafia came after him, and he deleted the tweet.

In 2012, I broke the story for Star magazine and Radar that Kris brokered the deal for Kim’s sex tape. My source saw the contract with Kris’ signature on it, and my source passed a polygraph test.

The entire Kardashian empire was built on the sex tape lie, and Kris sexually exploited her daughter for fame and money. Ray J confirmed what I reported in 2022 and exposed more. He said Kris even watched the tape and made the former couple reshoot a video, which was then released, because “it gives my daughter a better look.”

If this is not the definition of a pimp and a prostitute then I don’t know what is. Let’s not forget that Kim continues to work with the Satanic pedophile brand Balenciaga, Lou Taylor who was the architect behind Britney Spears’ illegal conservatorship in which she was trafficked and also with Edan Yemini and Black Box security who are responsible for the illegal surveillance of Britney including in her bedroom and bathroom.

I’m disappointed in @stephenasmith for walking this back. These people are evil liars and you should never cave to demons.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. underly disgusting the Kardashians and this is what our youth idolize. I could myself never stomach them…Hollyweird is turning out to be a huge joke….

  2. There is an article posted at Daily Mail, Aug. 12, Jeff Bezos on his yacht in Greece, entertaining Kris Jenner, Oprah, Bill Gates, & Demi Moore. Always wondered how Moore lived without working making movies. There is an off the wall website out there, says the Kardashians are connected to an old European family—I guess to keep them rich. This is how most of them apparently do it, running drugs, guns, & people.

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