Larry Kudlow: “This is the story. There was a Trump boom and there is a Bidenomics bust.”

Peter Navarro airing Larry Kudlow grievances like it’s festivus

81 million votes folks πŸ˜‚

By Radiopatriot

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  1. All the faux ‘energy’ of the *whole* House GOP can’t hold a candle to the genuine energy Peter Navarro has.

    McCarthy is complacent and proves it every time he opens his mouth. The impression from the *whole* spineless eunuchs in the House GOP doesn’t have two gonads between them all.

    The time for hearings is over. It’s time for criminal referrals to be issued and there’s no shortage of criminals.

    Why are they so afraid of the Demonrats?

    I’m wondering if *any* of the stupid fools rooting for Ramaswami have a clue who his company, that has earned him $billions$, has been doing business with?


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