“Sparks will fly”

Trump hyped it up by saying “Sparks will fly”.

Let’s look up SPARK and see what Q tells us…

AHA! (Yet another example why so many believe Q)

Why is this interview with Tucker going to be different from al the others Trump’s done?

Because it’s purpose is to demonstrate (POINTEDLY) exactly how irrelevant fox/MSM is – to the world – along with these so-called “candidates” who still represent a now-extinct political process.  
That’s the New Deal my friend. 😉

-Dan Bly, Spitballer

Trump used the word “stollen” in his Truth. Why?

 It’s used with elections so I thought maybe it could’ve meant something along the lines of:  stollen = German bread. Supposedly after 2020 election there was raid on Scytl servers in Germany, which had the “true election results”. “How do you introduce evidence legally” 
Perhaps that data amongst others will be used to prove the issues with elections.  It’ll never go anywhere unless it’s in a Supreme Court case though

— Arxis, Spitballer

Some are referring to Bret Baier as “Lego Head.” Why?

Because of his resemblance to Lego Man

By Radiopatriot

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  1. I freaking hate the damn propaganda that Rinos an MSM always say, if Trump doesn’t keep his mouth shut he threatens democracy, BS, also, there is absolutely not one shred of evidence that there was fraud in 2020 election, BS💥💥💥, J 6 prisoners are terrorist that attempted to overthrow the government, BS BS BS💥💥💥💥💥

    1. If you think there wasn’t a shred of evidence you didn’t look very far. It is unbelievable the issues and the number of them that were found. I’m not going to list them. You can look it up.

  2. If they stretch Baeir’s face back much more his eyebrows are gonna reach his hairline. He looks like a mask

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