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  1. All I understand is the price of groceries is through the roof, gas is now $4.69 a gallon here in Arizona and my electric bill is off the charts. Where are people supposed to find the money to pay for these outrageous increases??

  2. “And so it Begins”
    Breitbart: Countdown to ‘Breaking Biden’: Peter Schweizer Says Book Breaks News, Simplifies Complex Story of Corruption
    by Rebecca Mansour, 12 Sep 2023
    Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow’s forthcoming book ‘Breaking Biden’ provides “the most comprehensive assessment and summary” you will find of Joe Biden’s corruption, bestselling investigative journalist Peter Schweizer told SiriusXM host Mike Slater on Monday’s Breitbart News Daily.
    Schweizer, the president of the Government Accountability Institute and a Breitbart senior contributor, has chronicled the Biden family’s corruption for years in his numerous New York Times’ bestselling books. But he heralds Marlow’s Breaking Biden — which hits bookstands on October 3 — with actually “breaking news” about “the forces behind Joe Biden.”
    “I think Alex did a terrific job of really getting to the nub of who Joe Biden is,” Schweizer said. “I’ve been covering Biden since 2018 [in] my book Secret Empires and more recent books. But what Alex has done is give a comprehensive look, and he also really, I think, has some breaking news on the forces behind Joe Biden.”…

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