It seems Congress is on PAUSE.

The world would be a safer place if the United States Congress were dissolved and replaced with nothing.” — Patrick Gunnels, Badlands Media

Jon Herold



Our overlords have spent decades stoking the division between us.

It’s good for their bottom line.

It’s not very often that a majority of our (s)elected representatives and media pundits and billionaire tycoons agree to support something of actual consequence.

One thing I’ve learned in my relatively short time of paying attention is that when these fags do pretend to actually agree on something, and they tell you that you must agree on that thing too because your safety/health/democracy/(insert buzzword here) depends on it, it means they’re full of shit.

Some recent examples of our selected officials agreeing to support a cause and told us we need to support it too:

– The war in Ukraine. You guys saved lives by changing your facebook photo to include a Ukraine Flag. Also allowing our government to launder money was cool too.

– The 2020 election. It was definitely the most secure election in American history and we all need to pretend Biden won the election and just move on. If you don’t accept that you’re part of the MAGA cult (and you ain’t black).

– Covid is the most dangerous thing the world has ever seen and if you don’t believe us just look at these super duper real videos of people collapsing in the street in China. Now wear a mask, take an untested vax, and become slaves..err ahh… I mean… safe again. Become safe again.

These fuckers lie to us about everything.

Why believe them now?

When these people (or anybody for that matter) try telling you what to do, or how to feel, or what to think about the latest super scary thing, and then proceed to tell you that we just need to throw a few billion dollars at it or wear a mask alone in your car to make the scary thing go away…

Kindly call them retarded and ask yourself why?

Until we can trust that our elections aren’t fraudulent we cannot trust what our “elected” officials are telling us. There are no exceptions.

BioClandestine writes:

Hamas and Hezbollah now reporting that Iran helped plan the Hamas terror attacks for weeks.

Who opened the floodgates and supplied Iran to the tune of $100+ billion? Obama. Biden. Valerie Jarrett. The Iran Deal.

This situation is far beyond just Israel and Palestine.

Who benefits most from the terror in the Middle East?

The Deep State.

They have a new media distraction. Now they don’t have to report on their colossal failure in Ukraine. The sheep will soon forget about Ukraine, just like they forgot about the Russia Hoax, BLM, C19, etc.

Public support for Ukraine had waned past the point of return. America First GOP ousted Speaker McCarthy over funding for Ukraine. The American People put their foot down. The Deep State were struggling to maintain the lie, and desperately needed an off-ramp.

Lo and behold, a week later, the terror in Israel unfolds. The horrific images incite an emotional response from the public, and poof, the Deep State have instantaneously rekindled the American public’s desire to fund war on the other side of the globe. 

The Deep State don’t care which war-torn countries they funnel the money from, so long as the money flows. They will gladly use this catastrophe to their advance their geopolitical agenda. 

Given the Deep State are the main benefactors of this situation, they are suspect #1. Then if you follow the money, it leads back to US Deep State politicians. Obama’s Iran Deal.

All roads lead back to Obama.

By Radiopatriot

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