BidenWorld’s War on Israel

Receipts on Iran and Russia’s natural gas reserves & exports:

Important video & thread on geopolitics of West Texas & the Grand Ukraine Energy Play to put maximum pressure on Russia then supplant it w/ either Texas-based LNG or profit-sharing deals w/ foreign natural gas suppliers (including Azerbaijan via Iran):

Sep 7

The ultimate companion vid to the Ken Paxton impeachment: 2 weeks ago, I covered how the Bush family CIA oil intelligence mafia wants to kill MAGA to keep its energy cartel across the American Empire Now we learn George P Bush was behind Paxton’s ouster

This proved to be an extremely prescient thread…

20% of the entire world’s natural gas supply is all concentrated right here

That’s why the Bidenworld’s biggest whole-of-society coordinator, the Atlantic Council — sponsored by an armada of energy companies, military contractors & NATO governments — is dying to crack open Iran’s gas & guzzle the profits for themselves.

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