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“Whether REAL or FAKE, the STORY being told is what matters most in the Info War. The Story is what provides the persuasive effect the author(s) are aiming for. 

And in times when emotions are particularly high, and polarization efforts are everywhere, from all sides, Defecting from the Matrix is a must.”

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To discern that something is REAL takes work. 

To discern that something is FAKE takes work. 

Because we have come across so much fakery in the past, so many errors, half truths, mistruths, outright lies, propaganda, coverups, corruption… because we have been deceived so often, we, in my opinion, have become far too paranoid about events. (And people, as well.)

Just like you have to do the work to verify that something is TRUE, you also have to do the work to figure out if something is FAKE.

Making a claim either way without having done some work, some research to substantiate it one way or the other is meaningless at best, contributes nothing to the infowar, and is often detrimental to yourself and others. 

BTW, the Potato Cipher is now a thing. 

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Also this:

United States v. Hunter Biden


There’s some fake news going around that the gun charge against Hunter was dismissed today. 

Well, it was. The gun charge that was brought back on June 20th, 2023 was dismissed. 

It was dismissed because there are three new gun charges. 

Here is the motion to dismiss

Here is the order to dismiss

Both docs clearly state that it is the old gun charge being dismissed because of a new indictment. 

But ya know, click baiters gonna click bait, knowing that their audience won’t read the actual documents.

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