Israel’s plan to invade Gaza

NEWS ALERT: Israel Appears To Have Shifted Their Plan of Attack For Invading Gaza

Rather than sending troops in now and fighting an extremely bloody war with an enemy who knows the territory better, they plan to starve Hamas out first in Gaza.

Hamas predicted, incorrectly, that Israeli forces would not be willing to go down this route due to the enormous toll on innocent human life.

There is nowhere to run for the people of Gaza who have been days now without food/water/internet/gas/electricity/medical care.

Egypt (the only other country bordering Gaza) is refusing to accept migrants or open its border in pretty much any way.

After Hamas (and almost every resident in Gaza) run out of the last reserves and become weak/tired, that is when Israel will strike and attempt to eradicate Hamas. By that time, it is possible hundreds of thousands of civilians (or more) will be dead.

I will do my best to keep you updated in real-time as these events unfold. (Video shows Gaza residents fleeing for cover as Israeli airstrike lands nearby)

Wondering what’s real about Israel.

UPDATED 10-11 with Fresh Content

The Great Awakening (Armageddon) progresses towards the vaunted “abyss” of impending doom on a global scale where MOST sleepers, though never ALL, finally snap out of it.

In other words, the Near Death Experience is proven to assist individuals (and this can be true for the collective) to gain the will to change and to learn to face the truth as it is rather than how they wish it was.

At this time of heightened alarm and concerns in the world, the red pills get more sophisticated, revealing deep dark secrets that the masses were born and raised to fear, deny and ignore, such as what the modern state of Israel really represents versus what so many people have been conditioned to think about it.

“We are saving Israel for last.”

Unpopular opinion: Ima say this so it’s very clear.

I do not begrudge anyone the choice to choose a side in this war in Israel. I understand why you feel the need to do so.

I will not choose a side. Not Israeli or Palestinian. I will not defend a side. I don’t care the reasons on why I should.

This whole war was designed to divide those of us in this movement and distract from what is coming. It’s a geopolitical psywar that has been engaged. What is happened is indeed incredibly sad. But I will not choose.

Again, you are allowed to pick whoever you want. And I respect your choices because they are yours. But the only choice I make is for God and America. That is my stance.

I’m sorry if this upsets you. It shouldn’t. We should be able to be adults and have adult conversations about the current happenings without emotion. But again, I will not chose a side.

Thanks for listening. This may be my only post today. Not sure yet. But if it is. Be well frens!

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