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W. H. Grampa on Telegram explains the purpose of the Star Link satellite system. Not sure how he knows, but he seems pretty certain, using declarative sentences. I hope he’s 100% correct.

“These EBS broadcasts were not to be confused with an Emergency Alert System (EAS) Activation that was expected at any time. A new 5,000+ army of Star Link Satellites was already in place to take over Mainstream Media Satellites (and the FEMA EBS broadcasts). On this Star Link System the EAS will broadcast the Global Alliance’s takedown of the Cabal, showing arrests and Tribunals of Global Elites charged with Crimes Against Humanity. The documentaries have been made in 55 languages and 600 dialects and will be shown on all channels on the Planet.”

By Radiopatriot

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  1. This is both exciting and scary. I pray it’s not just hopium or the ravings of a madman.

    Take a breath. Think. Do not put any of this in the bank, at least until the check clears.

    My first thought — was it too soon to pull the trigger on this info? Then … an attempt to boost some of those who are rapid cycling between thrills and gloom?

    I’ve decided I’m taking it “with a grain of salt’. I’m keeping my focus on what is happening TODAY. I won’t make *any* judgements until action occurs.

    Take another breath — more deep ones — and recognize all of the advancements that have been made. Most of us know about the massive wrongs and horrors that have transpired over the years, and those will clearly take time to right and resolve.

    It’s absolutely impossible to declare a timeline, at least not yet. We have no idea what the order of events are. Just believe they are coming, as they have been.

    Keep the faith that we — and God — will win in the end.

    Stay prepared. Stay ‘frosty’. Stay positive.

    Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

  2. I would love to open up this discussion on your Telegram channel, Andrea; or below if others would provide further insight. i get very confused at this point….the symbolism of the Starlink logo with the vector symbol… the “globe” earth… and the example of the globe earth with satellites scattered. These all are the fingerprints of Freemasonry. In other words, not the group of people i want to align myself with….. always… lookin to learn more

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