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How I know this whole Israel/Hamas conflict is a Deep State op:

1) Saudi Arabia and Israel were on the brink of negotiating a peace deal, where Israel would recognize Palestine as a legitimate state. (What Palestine has wanted for generations.)

2) Part of the deal that MBS was pushing would be for Israel to restore the boundaries of Palestine to 1967– prior to the Six-Days War– which would make East-Jerusalem the capital of Palestine.

3) As far back as May, Egypt was accusing Israel (specifically, Netanyahu) of trying to derail the agreement, and trying to escalate tensions.

4) Due to this aggression by Israel toward Palestine, diplomats were accusing Netanyahu of making the Abraham Accords difficult to enforce, let alone expand to include Saudi Arabia.

5) How does this all relate to Donald Trump’s historic decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem? Was this part of his vision to bring peace to the Middle East?

It makes no sense that Palestine would attack Israel right now. They were about to get what they have longed for since 1967.

(Sidenote: This Arab League summit occurred on the 6-year anniversary of the Trump Sword Dance.)

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The British government established the modern state of Israel in 1948, as promised to the Rothschild Family with the Balfour Declaration in 1917. You’re conflating two entirely different ideas. (The “nation of Israel” from the Bible vs the political govt of Israel from 1948) This is why I deal primarily in first and second-hand sources. Educate yourself.

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  1. The US / deep state / cabal has and continues to fund / equip both / all sides of every conflict / war in the Middle East.

    That is such a simple, obvious, transparent truth.

    It is an intentional act meant to keep people divided, thus keeping the money flowing into defense contractors pockets and politicians convenient hidden bank accounts … isn’t that the truth miss Lindsay?

    Anyone who doesn’t recognize these simple facts is too lazy to research all of the factors, stupid, and clearly does NOT utilize critical thinking.

    I can think of more productive ways to be part of the kool crowd.


  2. In addition to the “money flow” the evil globalists are killing people: global depopulation, each “side” is killing the other’s people…a win-win for them.

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