Capturing historic images

I like this image… it reminds me of life, how we never know what’s around the next bend, the unexpected curves before us or where it will take us… smooth going, rough and bumpy, and who we might meet along the way.

When I’m in Florida and especially when the weather is HOT and HUMID, I walk in our city’s brand new Community Center which features a walking track and exercise area complete with treadmills, stationary bikes, weights, and just about every machine for any workout you desire.

However, while in Maine, there is very little access to those accommodations, so I’m walking outdoors where it’s been a bit on the “chilly” side — 50’s with occasional drizzle and heavy overcast skies with very little sunshine. However, we persevere…

Here are some pics I grabbed during today’s walk along the Penobscot River.

It feels and looks more like November here… I wouldn’t be surprised to see snow fall before all the leaves flutter to the ground.

Back inside now, laptop warming my lap, and soon, will begin preparing this evening’s dinner which will include hearty beef barley soup served with crusty Italian bread, broiled sliced tomatoes topped with melted brie…

Are you watching Trump’s speech in New Hampshire?

Prior to that,

Dan Scavino Jr. captures history with his camera as 45 signs and files the necessary paperwork in the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office to put his name on the primary ballot—it’s official.

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