Oncologist: I’ve Never Seen Cancers Behaving Like This

Young people, in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, are developing aggressive and rapidly-growing “turbo cancers.”

Dr. William Makis, who has diagnosed 20,000 cancer patients in his career, says, “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

“I’ve never seen stage four breast cancers presenting in women in their 20s. I’ve never seen stage four colon cancers presenting in men and women in their 20s [and] 30s. Leukemias that will kill you in a matter of days or even hours after diagnosis. Lymphomas that, again, kill you in a matter of months.”

Here’s the full transcript for those who want to read more:

There are only a handful out of the 100,000 doctors, Canadian doctors, that didn’t take the vaccine, that are still practicing medicine. So, it’s something like 99.9% vaccination rate. And they were the first ones to line up for their vaccines. Well, as I started looking at the sudden deaths of Canadian doctors, I realized, yes, most of them are dying from cardiac issues, heart injuries, cardiac arrests, dying while jogging or swimming, dying in their sleep. And Dr. Peter McCullough has talked about this extensively, about the myocarditis and the damage to the heart, the scarring to the heart. And then some were dying from blood clots, pulmonary embolis, strokes. 

But then there was quite a large subset of doctors who were developing extremely aggressive cancers and cancers at an age that they shouldn’t be getting. So, for example, there was a doctor who developed gastric cancer in his 30s, presented at stage four. He was dead in less than a year. Very rare brain cancers in young individuals in their 20s and 30s, medical students, and medical residents. And these cancers would always present at stage four. And they would always kill them in a matter of a few months. And it was always less than a year.

And at first, I didn’t know what the term for this was or what the phenomenon was. I just started really paying attention to it, tracking it. I then realized that this is being called “turbo cancer” by people on social media. Turbo cancer is not a medical term, but it’s a term that people came up with to really describe the extremely aggressive nature of these cancers in the COVID-vaccinated. And these cancers behave completely differently, unlike anything I’ve seen before in my career. And I’ve diagnosed over 20,000 cancer patients in my career with cutting-edge PET, CT, positron emission tomography, imaging, CT, MRI, pathological correlation.

I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve never seen stage four breast cancers presenting in women in their 20s. I’ve never seen stage four colon cancers presenting in men and women in their 20s and 30s. Leukemias that will kill you in a matter of days or even hours after diagnosis. Lymphomas that, again, kill you in a matter of months.

Dr. William Makis is the Chief of Oncology at The Wellness Company, and, in my opinion, one of the best medical researchers on the planet. He also has a great Substack. Be sure to give him a follow:

COVID Intel – by Dr.William MakisIn depth intel on COVID-19, sudden deaths, mRNA vaccines, vaccine injuries, new pandemics and more…By Dr. William Makis MD

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  1. My friend Carianne, 15 years in remission from breast cancer, got the booster last June and died of sudden cancer less than 3 months later.

    My friend M.G., 10 years in remission from breast cancer, is fully boosted and recently diagnosed with super-aggressive, oddly-behaving, untreatable Stage 3C or 4 lung cancer. I really don’t think she’ll survive till January. ;-(

  2. This is what the demon hoarde — Anthony Fraud-Xi, Billie Gates, Herr Klaus Anal Schwab and his twink Haval Harariri, Pierre Turd-o, Mad Merkle, King Chucky (who wants to be the king of the world), the Rothschilds — the whole damned family, the World Hate Organization, et al … want to happen. Their reported goal is to cull the world population down to 500 million.

    Why people who have been directly or indirectly affected aren’t wildly livid and making *some type* of noise about this happening is beyond me.

    Here are some links to Dr. David Martin videos:




    If there is someone you know who has been affected by this genocide attempt PLEASE *at least* give them these links. They are all current from recent months. Once you give them the links at least you have done what you can to help them, the rest is up to them.

    Clearly not enough people have a clue as to what is being wrought on humanity.

    The deep state / cabal will definitely attempt to resurrect their evil on our nation and the world. They are desperate and will try anything … more jabs, more harmful, useless masks, and they’ll attempt more lockdowns.


    They are losing and they know it. They know their kangaroo courts aren’t going to keep our President from being re-elected and they must be cognizant that he will pursue the criminal hoarde until they have been eliminated.

    Help save someone.

    Keep in mind …


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