The real story behind the Hamas terror attack.

To make sense of the realities of the Israel–Hamas war, I sit down with classicist and military historian Victor Davis Hanson, bestselling author of a number of books including “The Dying Citizen” and the upcoming book “The End of Everything: How Wars Descend Into Annihilation.”

Did Hamas miscalculate Israel’s response? Will Hezbollah intervene? What is Iran’s play now? And what do many in the West misunderstand about Israel and Hamas?

“A lot of people apply rules to the Jewish state they would never apply to any other ally. And that explains the schizophrenia that we have,” Mr. Hanson says.

A friend highly recommended I listen to this interview in which Victor Davis Hanson and Jan Jekeliek of Epoch Times have an in-depth conversation about the real story behind the Hamas terror attack.

I’m passing it along to you. The history is amazing, and this is a good use of your time. Length is just under 54 minutes.

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