Panic in DC

DANA PERINO doesn’t have a clue. Not one. Dana, Dana, Dana… pretty little airhead.

What I could tell her would blow her mind. (Calling George Webb… Calling Sy Hersch…)

I jealously guard my four “hot pink” binders that are FILLED with notes from Webb’s years of investigations. Dana Perino and people like her would have a breakdown if they knew what many of us know, and have known for years. In large measure, it is why I understand the Q drops. Puzzle pieces that click together into a picture already composed by investigative journalists, many of whom have mysteriously died for their efforts in seeking the truth.

A deep dark world is being exposed.
The truth won’t be for everyone.
Have faith in Humanity.

The Cast of Characters


Allen Dulles, Cecil Rhodes (rhodes scholar) (deceased) :: Ideology — Fascist Corporatism, Anti-nationalism, Human instrumentality, Pathocratism, Plutarchy, “Pirate Class”, Jesuitism or Nazism

Operation Paperclip :: Event — MKULTRA and Jesuitical “ends justify the means” ideology of human instrumentality

  • CIA == Catholics in Action, Christians in Action

  • Marc Rich (deceased 2013) – Key to the case – Libya oil play has his fingerprints

– Made money from drug cartels, laundered in BCCI Bank (“Bank of Crooks & Criminals”) and used to buy and smuggle embargoed oil purchased at discount, then sold on spot market.

– Got countries to empower dictators to take over their countries; then went after their mineral assets.

– 1967 – Egypt closes Suez Canal (conduit from Red Sea to Mediterranean). Iranian oil cannot go through.

– 1969 – Israel builds secret pipeline with Iran to bypass Suez Canal

– 1973 – OPEC oil embargo – oil prices triple.

  Buys OPEC embargoed Iranian oil cheap, ships through Israeli pipeline, Marc Rich makes huge profits for himself and Israel.

– 1979 – Iran oil sanctioned – Rich buys it at cheap price, sells on spot mkt

– 1983 – Indicted on 65 counts tax evasion by NY State Atty Rudy Giuliani;   Rich flees to Switzerland

– 1987/1993 – NY State Atty #2 James Comey gets Rich case, has it for 6 years; lets Rich off with $140m fine and no jail time

– 1993 – Nigeria Oil Coup – Gilbert R. Chagoury (Clinton donor) bribes Nigerian regime leader/dictator General Abacha for oil. Sells oil to Marc Rich; Chagoury steals $4b from Nigeria. 

– 2000 – Chagoury convicted, pays some of stolen $ back to Nigeria

– 2001 – Pres. Clinton pardons Marc Rich; No bribery charges brought. Atty. Peter Kadzik works it thru friend John Podesta (Clinton’s Chief of Staff).

   *     Gilbert Chagoury 

– Lebanese-Nigerian businessman

– Sold oil on int’l markets with Marc Rich

– Convicted for looting Nigeria

– Billion dollar contributor to Clinton Foundation

– Did deals with Clintons

• Tyler Drumheller (deceased 2015; Osprey Global; CIA Euro Chief—Gladio)

• Seth Rich (deceased shot near his house for going to FBI to expose DNC voter fraud)

• Henry Kissinger –  “The Godfather”

• Zbigniew Bryzinski – Partner in crime with Kissinger, father of “MORNING MIKA”

• Hillary Rodham Clinton (CIA NOC — groomed from birth as CIA)

• Huma Abedin (SGE, special government employee, MUSLIM Brotherhood liason– CIA)

• Sid Blumenthal

General David Grange

Osprey Global

General Petraeus

George Soros

• Bill Clinton

– CIA NOC — groomed from birth as CIA; at 15, photo of Bill shaking hands with JFK, at American Legion Boys event (military freemason society for lib establishment ‘Blue Star Hwy’

• James Comey (likely CIA NOC)

• Andrew McCabe (likely CIA NOC)

• Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro — groomed from birth as CIA; Trump vindicated on Birth issue)

• Google (CIA cutout, founded by INQTEL, a CIA venture capital firm)

• Palantir Software (CIA cutout; founded by INQTEL, CIA venture capital firm)

• (Host of 600M CIA EC2 cloud hosting Palantir software)

• Jeff Bezos (Chair of Business Council with direct relationship to DLC via Melissa Moss (Podesta emails); recipient of $600M from CIA; owner Washington Post–propaganda outlet for HRCRatline)

• Melissa Moss

• Washington Post (CIA front company)

• CNN (CIA / Hillary Media network and front company)

• Neil Brown (CIA NOC), oil expert KKK Global Initiative:

– Protege of former Sen. Richard Lugar

– Oil guy – KKR.  Got oil concessions for different countries (ex: Mexico & Gulf oil leases; later fracking)

– Married to Eric Braverman

• Eric Braverman (CIA NOC):

– Hired as CEO of Clinton Foundation

– Realizes suspicions about Clinton Foundation are true when CF refiles taxes (Oct. 5, 2016); 1,100 Hidden Donor contributions had been bundled into one. 

Named as leaker to press by Podesta in Oct. 22, 2016 email to Neera Tanden (WikiLeak)

– Went to media (NBC) after seeing Marc Turi (HRC Arms dealer) at Fox News revealing Stinger missiles went from Libya to Syria; Braverman realizes that Clinton Foundation donations have huge arms deal component, and has set him up to take the fall.

– Went to Russian Embassy Oct. 23, 2016. Seeking asylum?

– Had been under surveillance since May 2015

– Doesn’t show up for Oct. 30, 2016 meeting

– “Married” to Neil Brown of KKK Global Initiative

– Press release announces Braverman joining Google CEO Eric Schmidt Foundation in same capacity as was with Clinton Foundation. Also, supposedly will teach class at Yale.

– Whereabouts since (as of date of this report) then are unknown

Neera Tanden:

– President of Podesta organization (Soros funded) Center for American Security

• John Podesta

• Tony Podesta

• Joe Biden

• Clinton Foundation

• Clinton Global Initiative

• Clinton Health Access Initiative

• KKR Global Institute of NY

• Osprey Global

• Anthony Weiner

• Peter Kadzik

• King of Morocco

• McKinsey

• Muslim Brotherhood

• Kikkhia Oil Family

• ebay founder Skoll

• Tembo

• Frank Giustra – Lionsgate Films

• Carlos Slim

• Tony Rodham (HRC’s brother, partner in crime)

• Laura Silsby (child trafficker)

• Bridgewater

• Mike Morell

• SOHR (syrian observator for human rights)

• Kamel Abdul-Rahman


• Patrick Kennedy

• Genie Energy

• James Woosley

• General Bouchard (OTPOR)

• Textron

• Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

• Petrofac


• Pemex


• Secret Service Joe Clancy

• Jeremy Bash (former husband of Dana Bash of CNN)

• Philippe Reines

• Andrew Shapiro

• Beacon Group

• Bechtel

• CCC Almabani

• World Bank

• Paul Walker

• Yunus microfinance / carlos slim

• Telmex


• Hogan Hartson Law firm – visas

• Khizr M Kahn (kinkylicks wet room)

• General Grange’s wife Holly Grange, who controls ports at Norfolk

• Srdja Popovic

• Claude d’Estree

• Dyncorp

• Rose Law Firm and Web Hubble

• Preet Bhahara — “do nothing NY prosecutor”

• JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force)

• Operation Underground Railroad

• Andrew Shapiro (let stingers slip through his fingers)

• Pug Winokur

• Boulderado Hotel in Boulder, Co

• Flint Chambers and Bacha Bazi

• Amb. Chris Hill? Holbrook?

• Mckinsey consultancy

• CFR members

• Steve Feinberg (owner, Dyncorp)

• IAS — Integrated Archive Solutions — hitlist for asset forfeiture

• Amy Rao

• Brian Pagliano

• Tom Nides

• Jake Sullivan

• Bill Burns

• Michele Floury

• Sheryl Sanderg

• Lael Braned

• Loretta Lynch

• Jennifer Granholm

• Jaime Gorelick

• Tom Perez

• Gregory Meeks (Muslim Brotherhood)

• Terry McAuliffe

• Howard Schultz

• Carol Browner

• John Sexton

• Gene Sperling

• Wendy Sherman

• Tom Donilon

• Elijah Cummins — Accusing Trump of having ties to Russia during Hillary-Comey inquest, totally irrelevant, total distraction, misdirection. Cummins said Clinton didn’t commit a crime, that this was a politically motivated investigation; now proven 100% wrong means he needs to be investigated. Died October 17, 2019

• John Conyers — same reason as Cummins; vigorously defending Clinton despite their evaluating her criminality, which was admitted by Comey.

• The Consulate at Malta

• Sinaloa Gang in Mexico

• Madeleine (Korbel) Albright

• Caracol Industrial Complex

• Rajiv Shah


• Victoria Nuland

• Doug Band

• Knights of Malta

• KOM Justin Cooper and Lanny Davis Lawyers

• Eric Schmidt of Google

• Amy Rao

• Robert Rubin (arkansas development laundering op)

• El Chapo

• Kagame in Rwanda

• Lucas Lundin

• Joe Wilson

• Valerie Plame

• Carl Bilt

• Josef Korbel School of International Studies University of Denver

• Bill Swing

• James Alefantis and father Achilles\

• Donna Shalala

• Medicshare

• Barth Green


• Devin Nunes

• The Awan Brothers who spied on the Senate Intelligence Committees, hacking their computers and stealing those 650k emails

• Gen Grange’s Son — Jade Helm

• Debbie Wasserman Schultz

• Dr. Ali al-Attar

• Malta, Nicosea and Northern Cyprus

• Happy Hearts Foundation (organ trafficking)

• Pam Fleischaker

• Port Au Prince to Mirabalais Haiti

• Ehud Barak — Mossad recipient of exfiltrated 650k emails, friend of Jeffrey Epstein

• Team Rubicon

• Peter Thiel — Palantir

• Jake Wood

• William McNulty — DIA

• Digicel

• LifeCradle HR heart transfer equipment

• Marron Inconnu Morne Boulage, Haiti

• “Catherine Austin Fitts figures out entire Dyncorp Black Budget by pulling on the BCCI “Golden Thread” at HUD. Pug Winokur’s 30 agencies under PROMIS software account for missing 3T in 2002, now 6.5T.”

• Sara Ferguson Dutchess of York

• ??Ken Lay??

• ??Gen McChrystal

• Dr. Paul Farmer (organs)

• Dr. Guy Phillipe

• Thomazeau, Haiti (body dumping)

• Haiti <–> Colombia

• Jorge Puello, child trafficking acusee and lawyer for Silsby

• Bill Weld, (former gov. MA) stole the PROMIS software, gave it (with backdoors) to every country to snoop on them for purposes of appropriating their ratlines

• Doug Coe — Brotherhood — Jesuit group — blackmails police and gangstalks dissidents — kills informants

• JTTF Fusion Centers

• USSS Prowler Teams

• Joe Clancy and “pope’s mafia”. Remember Pope has said Trump is not a christian and is “not my christian”, has been undermining Trump since the get-go.

• Pope Francis (JESUIT, 1 position from black pope before white pope)

• Jack Lew Treasury

• Kosovo organ harvesting and Carla Del Ponte

• Hillary and Cheryl Blair (Tony Blair’s wife) founded the ICEMC International Center for Exploited and Missing Children (a cover for child trafficking and organ harvesting)

• Pattery Wetterling, chair ICEMC

• Alan Bersin — Border Czar of Clintons’– let contraband through

• Polaris and Google Foundation

• Google Foundation and Polaris is name change of Clinton Foundation

• Thorne and Ashton Kucher, basically Palantir

• UNOS — organ transplant tracker software

• Samy Zuraik

• FLBS Mormon Cult

• Dr. Nazih Zuhdi

• Cite Soleil, Haiti


• Project Angel Wings

• Petite Freres et Soeurs — organ “feeder school” in Port Au Prince Haiti –> Mirebalais for harvesting

• People with Coloboma eye disorder related to or associated with any people here

• Dyncorp Sheriff Bob Mosier

• Glenn Beck (good guy)

• Decameron Hotels in Haiti


• Tim Alefantis of VitalProbes (related to James Alefantis?)

• AeroMD

• Bronx Transplant Center

• Haiti Bienfaisance

• Homan Square Chicago prison. Holding pen for organ transplant business

• Hmong communities in Northern California and outside of major cities in rural farming communities — these are Dyncorp Illegal Drug Farmers for cannabis and opioids

• Bioflorida

• Mariott Hotel in Port Au Prince (“Digicel”) hotel

• RTISurgical Denis O’Brien

• Clifford Brandt Haitian Oligarch, dealing drugs with Samy, and using hotel development cement to launder drug money

• Kaliko Beach Club

• Tim Ballard Operation Underground Railroad (good guy)

• Cemex

• Shorebank

• Donna Karan — Urban Zen “One Million Hearts” drive for Clinton Foundation — SICK

• Comet Ping Pong (suspected child trafficking ring- James Alefantis)

• Cerebus Capital

• Sheriff Lopey of Siskiyou County Ca

• Lopey Foundation is a asset-forfeiture / extortion and protection racket for funding Clinton/Dyncorp

• Fusion Centers are asset forfeiture rackets and political harrassment centers for Clinton/Dyncorp

• Port Lafito Prison, Haiti, another “feeder” for harvestable organs

• Red Cross

• Fritz Parrod of “Angel Wings”

• Emergent Biosciences

• Hospital Ship Spearhead

• Estes Park, Colorado — vast RMNP underground complex for ratline

• UAE Cleveland Clinic in Dubai


• El Salvador — areas sprayed

• Swiss SYNTEK (Sin tech)

• Clinic in Milotte

• Cleveland Clinic

• Booze-Allen Hamilton

• Norfolk, VA, port

• Charlottesville, VA

• CIA Row near Comet Pizza; Dupont underground tunnel

• Boston Medical Center

• Georgetown Medical Center

• Syga Thomas (CIA NOC)

• Boulle S.African Diamond Mine Fmily, Clinton Donors

• Jeff Salaiz

• Iiana Lapidos-Salaiz

• Zsolt Harsanyi Head of Emergent Biosolutions

• Center for New American Security–Hillary’s PNAC linked to Dyncorp

• Carlyle Group

• Jaime Armstrong, intelligence provocateur mormon SJW

[Part 1] 

I’ve done a lot of work on the pipeline subject and I’m fairly certain that Syria was not for a pipeline from Saudis to Turkey at all. It was for the South Pars oil field in Iran. The US sanctions being removed and reimplemented on Iran match up with this theory as well as the $600 billion dollar investment that is expected by 2025. They already had control of Iraq and Syria and the next country in line before you hit the Mediterranean on to Greece.

Now that the plot has failed to take Syria because the Russians supported Assad, the American-funded groups like ISIS FSA(read al qaeda ) are pulling out and the pipeline is toast. Now the pipeline however is being discussed between Russia, Turkey and Iran. Turkey will have to leave NATO and then the pipeline will go from Iran to Turkey across Mediterranean to Greece.

Edit: it’s actually very possible that they were planning both


EDIT: you might also want to link to Webb’s Google Docs presentation file. There are some relevant links as sources there.

More in next post. Someone tell Dana Perino, mmmkay?

By Radiopatriot

Former Talk Radio Host, TV reporter/anchor, Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot


  1. Amazing isn’t it? It’s worldwide. Also research “world crime syndicate” blogspot, which claims to show connections between the European royal families and the cartels, trafficking, etc. And the “black nobility” of the Vatican. Prince Philip’s 1001 club; the British Crown is never mentioned enough, they are behind Israel. It goes on and on. I wonder if we have enough Christians, patriots, morals in this country to overcome all this.

    1. Yes, we serve an Awesome God.
      Look at Genesis 14; Abraham utilized his 300 + servants to conquer 5 ancient Kings and their massive armies, who had abducted his nephew. Read Exodus: the millions rescued from slavery and how God destroyed Pharaoh’s armies. Read Judges 7: God instructed Gideon, concerning the Midian battle, to send over 31,000 fighting men home and go into battle with only 300 which He had selected. The Living God won that battle! Read Joshua: The fall of Jericho, the battle of AI, and the lands restored to God’s people. In Joshua 10, read how the 5 Amorite Kings and their armies were annihilated by Joshua. Joshua 12 records all the lands restored and the enemy kings and kingdoms defeated by God via Joshua.
      God is always amazing when accomplishing His victories!

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