Panic in DC Part 2

George Webb’s reports were transcribed by an anonymous person known by his monicker: 911bodysnatchers322 (to whom we owe a huge debt of gratitude for the hours he put in) who posted these transcripts on I grabbed them as soon as he posted, printed them and filled four binders with the information. I guard them with my life.

[Part 2]

Whether Braverman is found or not is not the point. It’s about the process. During this process, George asks, “did Braverman know about….”. It becomes a rhetorical, since Neil Brown is basically being groomed as the next president and is married to Braverman, and Braverman–having run the ‘gold funnel’ [for HRC] must have been able to know about the ‘social justice funnel’ in syria and the white hats using syrians as human shields that came out due to several intrepid journalists, at least one of which was censored in the US (Seymour Hersh).

Ultimately, there is enough to believe Braverman knew these things, or at least became aware of these things enough to blow the whistle “follow the money”

Braverman is like 1/100th of this whole thing and actually quite a minor part of it TBH

The story of Petraeus, Morell, McCabe, Comey….their stories greatly eclipse Braverman’s role by a 100 factor


[Part 5]

Here’s the deal: Braverman went missing. Unresponsive for 2 months. He turned up. Story over. Now it’s called “Dyncorp Harvest”. It’s not George’s fault or my fault with the cliff notes that some of these shills can’t keep up with ‘developments.’

This is a living conspiracy narrative: it’s unfolding in realtime; of course there are going to be editorial mistakes, mishaps, but George has always been good to come back and admit the mistake and then fix it; like–you know–the actual news should do:

“we were wrong about this, it turns out…”


The problem is, there is no ‘significant’ evidence for Alefantis being involved in a crime. Guy has covered his tracks too well. There is however significant circumstantial evidence and suspicious facts/relationships around Alefantis, and in fact if you read through all my cliffs or listened to all his [George’s] videos, you’d know he outs Alefantis as a NOC or a Non Official Cover of the CIA. He says Alefantis is an agent

And he also points out a child trafficking ratline coming up from Haiti through hospital ships to a port at norfolk virginia, being held at faux cia cutout foster homes in charlottesville and then trafficked through tunnels under embassies in DC

And yes his evidence is solid. Point out 1 piece of disinfo. Seriously, let’s have a conversation about it and take a look into what specifcially Webb said. He’s said incorrect things, not disinfo, but mistakes and he’s come back and corrected them as an editorial mistake. One time for example he had on his poster the text 1000g /lb, which is actually a kilo; stuff like this. And corrected it to 453 or something


[Part 7]

Sons of Dagon:  that’s what your seeing when John Podesta is showing you his palms…..a magic marker fish on one and a number 14 (14th moon of post-menopausal women) on the other. Saturn used to be a fish god 4 thousand years ago…called Dagon….you can see him on youtube. warlocks like to play at being witches….



[Part  10]

But I generally stand behind George Webb’s work. The stuff about vaccines I’m not sure about; specifically he says hiv/aids was created in a lab. [NOTE: Webb was reporting about “vaccines” long before the Covid “pandemic”]. I’d like to see evidence of that, though I’m not ruling out. He also goes into some stuff about electron transport chain which I can’t get behind. Finally he says Trump had the FBI seize docs from the CDC and absolutely no one can verify OR discredit this. It’s a total unknown.


I agree with him (George) that this DynCorp activity has to stop first, and immediately. Then we can worry about justice later, if ever. I mean he’s kind of right that even if we don’t prosecute these clowns, if we can legally or by blackmail leverage or by threat of legal / actual repercussions get them to cease-and-desist this activity–quarantining them from harming civilians–that’s better than say, prosecuting them in a drawn out legal battle where they are making money and still raping kids and running wars while the slow wheels of justice turn for the next 2 decades….

Regarding flipping the racial sexes, you’re right that is interesting. I kind of believe that it’s possible that Obama is not the bio-son of either one but another brazilian or cuban refugee war orphan that was simply taken to hawaii and given to his mom, and that the ‘dna relationship to the bush’s / cheney’s is BS’ OR he is some kind of dna chimera / genetic state ward that has literally been groomed from birth to be a leader and that’s why he’s a distant relative of the two, he’s biocompositional… this might make the Freeman Fly theory of Obama being a clone of Akenaten more plausible from being absolutely absurd though fascinating it may be.

As far as flipping black to white and vice versa. I wouldn’t put it past them to flip the script. They’ve flipped everything else in this upside-down world, this now-gnostic world. WCKD is good and Jehovah is evil and all that; they give us these messages in pop music, in the news, in film, they bombard us with inversions all day long


[Part 11]

Are you still doing the Cliff notes on his videos, we want to do a Twitter storm after each video. We can take your daily digests on each video and storm it to the right people. Please contact John Ramos @


[Part 12]

if a person wanted to do hidden history of the US, they’d start with this cadre of subverts in the intelligence community. I would say Dulles and Operation Paperclip is a good starting point–ie the history of the CIA–but if you really wanted to go deeper:

Cecil Rhodes and Rhodesia and the formation of round table supranationals.

And if you wanted to go deeper: freemasonry, adam weishaupt, rousseau and voltaire and the french revolution; origins of democratic republicanism and basically follow Grant Morrison’s lead on history of US as given by the graphic novel “The Invisibles” which is a more honest account of the US than what we think of as history, even tho “Invisibles” is weird and has demons and such

Then to go even deeper, tie into rosicrucianism, jesuits, evolution of science and the enlightenment science vs theology for cultural supremacy…it’s really Masons versus jesuits and goes back to venice, malta, switzerland, heidelberg, and prague, london and paris

america is really a cultural snowball that captures all of these intrigues and matched battles of various masons and the church, collecting gods and demons along the way, mashing in science, mashing in imperialist ethic, and the popping out a fully formed grand illusion that is really just the latter days of the Roman empire on a new continent, pretending to be something its not; pretending to be a social experiment in freedom when really it’s the same old thing under the surface–fascism, one big synarchic crime ring


Webb’s videos:  They’re mirrored on my channel I have some of the earlier ones too. Please share my channel is case GW’s disppears.. here is a good starting point


[Part 13]

I did notice that. I think we found out why he’s still alive. He has actual dirt on them. And likely a deadman switch

btw, chicky, I just dropped 14. Also, are you a dual wielder?


Does George have a website or just his YouTube?

Edit OP I want to know more about the port bring in.

Edit: New 9 night itinerary:’s-Explorer

Edit: the port in Haiti is Labadee


He’s mentioned most famously Norfolk Va and had a logical reason for that location. I think it was something to do with the politician who controlled it and their connections to Dyncorp. Also there were a few in Florida, Miami and maybe even the Keys. I think he was saying, they wouldn’t disembark there but instead resupply and take the ships up the coast to norfolk because travel by ship is less prone to being stopped by authorities and searched.


I agree and remember specifically him saying Port Canaveral is one of the main places. Easy to sneak in for sure on a cruise. When I found that ship out of Port Canaveral goes directly to Haiti it really makes George a genius. I also found this which was quite interesting when you read this guy’s background.

Also I found a person’s description of the cruise to Haiti quite interesting and shady. Odd how things are pretty tightly watched.

Edit: You think Port Canaveral is worth checking out or stay away? My problem is in this post, they say George must have something keeping him alive and I wouldn’t have that.

[Part 29]

Some have suggested that George knows so much and is so skillful that he must be intelligence himself. I’m not so sure about that. He could simply be profoundly intelligent and learned. But if he is intelligence then he’s not CIA that’s for sure (or FBI) because it’s clear from everything they’ve done that all they have is money and no real intelligence of their own. SO then which intelligence? Mossad maybe? Damn. Maybe they should hire me. Because of George I’ve started seeing the world very differently, esp with respect to Israel. If Israel can produce better americans than america then I’m at a loss for words, but I also doubt that is the fact of the matter.

Either way God bless him, he’s one of my favorite people in this world and it brings me to tears how inspiring he is with this. Deep down I think there is an undercurrent or a movement that’s interested in protecting people equally–all over the planet–this is the true essence of the global village. And it’s what those of us who grew up in the 70s were sold on–the merits of globalism. But we know globalism to be something else–pirates taking from less technologically or militarily sophisticated countries what doesn’t belong to them and then using that to build up further forces of continued disempowerment of the same. This cannot be tolerated anymore

Anyway that’s where my head is at with this stuff.

Thanks for spreading it far and wide, my friend(s)

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Who wrote these?

    In Part 12 commie cabal Utube has deleted the video.

    This stuff is going in one of my special files.

    Devon Nunez was on the list … and there wasn’t a ‘(good guy)’ next to his name. Should there have been or is there something I clearly don’t know about him.

    I hope the names on that list that haven’t been executed *yet* also have their names on some of the sealed indictments that Huber is holding.

    Many of the names are familiar. I’ll reread these at least once more shortly … and likely use them as reference.


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