George Webb’s thesis on Clinton Foundation Criminal empire building.

Cliff Notes on News Analysis Series, “Where is Eric Braverman?” >>>> George Webb’s Thesis on Clinton Foundation’s Empire-Building Activities, Racketeering, and Corruption (Part 1) (self.conspiracy)

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Eric Braverman, former CEO of the Clinton Foundation is allegedly a missing person[1][2/(((snopes)))]

The interest in this figure stems from the Wikileaks Podesta Emails, in 1which we discovered that Eric Braverman went to the press, and told them to “follow the money” to find out the true crimes of the Clinton Foundation. Follow the money will lead you to the arms, that will lead you to the oil[1].

In an email conversation between Neera Tanden and John Podesta, Tanden warns John Podesta to “keep tabs on Doug Band” who she assumed was the insider who told NBC to “follow the money and find the real HRC scandal”. Podesta replied with the true identity of the mole: Eric Braverman.[2]

A member of wikileaks and mentor of Assange’s strangely dies on Oct 22 and Braverman allegedly went to the Russian embassy for asylum. This is unconfirmed (correct me if I’m wrong). We haven’t heard from him since. Although there seems to be some small evidence an email between his account and another his husband, uncovered by George Webb, that indicates he’s in hiding.

George Webb’s thesis is that Hillary, Petraus, Biden, a “senators’ oil club” and Hillary Loyalists such as John Podesta used their political influence and close tetherings to people in the intelligence community / national security council, the US military, defense contractors to run a “counterterrorism” proxy war in Syria (Isis) using funding stolen from a toppled and politically-controlled Libya, to build a pipeline from Saudi to Turkey, as a large Gladio-like NATO conspiracy to overthrow Assad , lean on Turkey to force a pipeline to Europe through their country to Greece, using the Clinton Fountation, political elitists and international banks to launder money and make covert deals.

Generally speaking, this exposition of NATO criminal empire building has been similarly explored by Sibel Edmonds of user-funded startup NewsBud in collaboration with James Corbett of user-funded in their description of so-called “Gladio II”. Please consider supporting all three researchers so they can continue doing their important research.

EDIT: you might also want to link to Webb’s Google Docs presentation file. There are some relevant links as sources there.

Cliff Notes to “Where is Eric Braverman?” begin on Day 53 of Webb’s video reports on Youtube, since removed. Days 1 thru 52 were removed from YouTube by George Webb himself. We pick up his reports here:

[Day 53].

• The five steps Hillary had planned with Petraeus:

• Step 1: Get Gaddafi’s 20k stingers $1B, use to release assets of 30B of cash, Sell oil rights

• Step 2: Topple Gaddafi, get access to 265B in Swiss Accounts

• Step 3: Take Stingers to Syria to Muslim brotherhood, and establish a truck line of oil; Christopher Stevens death upset this

• Step 4: Aleppo Gas Attack, Obama Bombs, Ghouta Gas Attack 1200 people killed; Sarin testing at British / Questionable Porton Down Lab

• Step 5: NATO Turkey Coup, pipeline (didn’t happen)

• Mentions Zero Footprint

• Mentions Operation Odyssey Dawn — taking over the rest of libya

• Follow Money, Arms and Oil (later: and children)

[Day 54]

• A focus on HSBC, James Comey, Counterinsurgency;

• “Senators’ Oil Club” including Joe Biden;

• Clinton arms dealing; Exile rubber stamper;

• Isis has gas masks and Atropine (antidote);

• FBI violating Fair records act

More to come…

George Webb’s latest reports: “Discovery: the source of the Corona means learning about the Virus Vaccine Game” and…

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