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The masks have been replaced by tape. Let’s hope it stays there.

If our government really worked for us, Mayorkas would be walking out of this room right now in handcuffs

“I’m sorry, why does this asshole still have a job?” – Midnight Rider

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Who is Mayorkas working for? If he’s REALLY concerned about US border security he should have been screaming for military help when he took office. to stop the invasion…it looks like he’s part of the plan to get as many illegals into the US to “dilute” our country as Soros, globalists, drug cartels, et al have done in Europe, Scandinavia, etc. They want to destroy the USA—it’s so obvious—anyone who is part of this “plan” is delusional if they think they are “untouchable”.

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