Joe Lange dives deep into the GHW Bush rabbit hole

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The Legacy Of George H.W. Bush

Corruption Is the Gap Between the Rich and the Poor

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Remember Jeb’s face when he read the note at his father’s funeral? This will help explain what might have been written inside.

This is a follow-up to Clowns in AmericaSchool of Assassins and DictatorsThe Shadow GameShadow Government Exposed and Follow the Money, an introduction into the seedy origins and consequences of the CIA.

How much of our history is a lie?

How many times have we been convinced that our leaders were doing something noble and for our benefit, only to find out later, that none of the promises were ever meant to be kept? How many times have the American people been sold a “bill of goods”?

What does the term “sold a bill of goods mean”?

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By Radiopatriot

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  1. I believe I mentioned this previously … I watched the rotten teeth sociopath traitor live on television January (?) ’92 give his NAFTA sales pitch followed with how “great” it would be for the United States to be “part of the New World Order”. Obviously too many sheep just nodded their hypnotized heads.

    And just when I was thinking that blood-sucking sociopath TRAITOR GHWB couldn’t have gotten any lower …

    The *only* light I see coming from busting the whole slimy, sociopath criminal family would be if little bush and his butt-brother jeb see *all* of their ill-gotten money and possessions be confiscated before they are *slowly* HUNG for TREASON.

    Actually I strongly believe a more fitting end for them would be the Viking ‘Blood Eagle’.

    They wouldn’t suffer enough by being hung.

    Would it be too much to expect to know they would burn in Hell for eternity?

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