Ooops.. it seems the government’s push for all EV is severely backfiring.

“A new study found that fueling electric vehicles costs roughly $17 per gallon. In its paper “Overcharged Expectations: Unmasking the True Costs of Electric Vehicles,” the Texas Public Policy Foundation stipulated that the hidden costs of fueling EVs drastically outweigh its low upfront fueling costs.”

And… the city of Cape Canaveral just signed a $111,000+ deal with a company (NovaCHARGE) to install six EV charging stations in the city’s public parks (two plugs in each = 12 chargers) at taxpayer expense.

Cape Canaveral is a small city of 10,000 people, many of whom cannot afford a car, let alone an EV.

If there were any studies undertaken to determine how many Cape Canaveral residents own EVs, or whether these charging stations would bring in enough revenue to cover the installation and power costs, let alone make a profit for the taxpayers who are footing the bill for this white elephant, we the people were not told.

There are many other legitimate and provable reasons to negate the folly of this installation that I won’t go into here, but trust me, I have and am making certain Cape Canaveral’s City Council (who voted unanimously for this absurdity) is aware of every report I come across. You might say I’m performing the due diligence they and the city staff did NOT do?

By the way, was this put on the ballot for a referendum vote? Hell no. Is it too late to change course? Who knows? Our elected “officials” and we the people might be stuck with this tar baby for the duration of the agreement below, one that will cost us taxpayers in the end, and them their seats on the council in future elections.

How many other cities are hooked on the “Green” mythology? Answer: Those who worship at the global climate change altar of “sustainability and resilience” and the teat of state and federal “green” subsidized and grant dollars.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. But wait….. in the name of Global Warming they want us to cut our military and pay reparations……..and reduce the number of private vehicles…ALL vehicles.

  2. I didn’t see anything about the batteries themselves. Originally it was said a replacement battery would be about the cost of a car battery now. So $100-$150? There is information that a few had to pay $10,000. Doesn’t seem like we are getting the real picture on EVs. Do they even watch the news to know it has been discussed in length about a bank crisis, inflation larger than previously seen.

    My neighbor has a EV and I think I’ll ask for his opinion.

  3. It’s a secret! But, Unfortunately, they can now “kill” our vehicle operation when we are not driving properly! 17 Republicans voted for it! All Democrats did of course! Where is the news?

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