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Obama Didn’t Write His Own Course Syllabus.

Posted by Ann Barnhardt

– March 27, AD 2012 8:20 PM MST

Breitbart.com published Obama’s University of Chicago “Constitutional Law” course syllabus a couple of weeks ago.


Guys, Obama didn’t even write his own syllabus. The prose is sophisticated, the grammar is flawless, and the punctuation is good – heck, there are several semicolons used, and used correctly. In other words, the syllabus is everything that every other sample of genuine Obama-written prose is not. It isn’t the same voice. It isn’t the same author. Period.

Every sample of genuine Obama-written prose in existence is HORRIFIC in terms of prose, grammar and punctuation. Agonizingly horrific. Please see Jack Cashill’s body of work, including several new pieces at AmericanThinker.com .

Look at the course structure itself. Obama only had to bluff his way through four actual class periods, with most of those class periods consisting of student discussion. Students were explicitly graded on their participation in these four class sessions. The other six sessions were “small group project” presentations by the students. Obama wouldn’t have to say or do anything in those class periods except play the part of the “wise professor.” Total scammage.

I think Obama was (and is) so stupid, and such a fraud that he had to have someone else prepare his course for him, including what little bit of lecture he delivered in those four class sessions.

Who might have prepared a course syllabus and light lecture notes on constitutional race issues with an emphasis toward education and race?

Bernardine Dohrn. As in Bill Ayers’ wife.

Bernardine Dohrn was a paralegal at the Chicago law firm of Sidley Austin from 1984-1988, and, as an aside, was very likely acquainted with Michelle Robinson (later Obama) when Michelle summer interned at Sidley Austin while she was in law school and was later hired right out of Harvard Law in 1988. The dates match exactly. Barry was hired as a summer associate by Sidley Austin in 1989 while he was still in law school. That is allegedly how he and Michelle met. Since both Barry and Michelle are affirmative action frauds and put together don’t have the brains God gave a goldfish, neither one lasted long in an actual performance environment, and have only ever held non-performing meaningless crony positions.

The reason Dohrn was a paralegal and not an attorney is only because she was a convicted felon per her terrorism activities with the Weather Underground back in the 1960s and 1970s. Dohrn was fully capable of passing the bar, and was working as a de facto attorney at Sidley Austin, just under the necessary title “paralegal” due to her criminal past.

So, here we have yet another possible connection between Bill Ayers-Bernardine Dohrn and both of the Obamas. But back to the syllabus.

We now know that Bill Ayers’ parents put Obama through Harvard, thanks to Allen Hulton’s testimony. The Ayers also knew that Obama was a lightweight intellectually who needed as much help with his academic tasks as he needed with his finances. Now Obama had been hired at the prestigious University of Chicago law school as an adjunct and had to actually teach a class – and appear credible. So, roll in the Ayers-Dohrn machine to the rescue. Just like the way that Ayers came to the rescue and wrote “Dreams From My Father” for Barry.

Lawyer-in-all-but-name Bernardine Dohrn puts together a curriculum including lecture notes, and even writes the syllabus for Obama (as evidenced by the excellent prose, grammar and punctuation). All she needs to do is give Obama a few rhetorical platforms per class session (of which there were only FOUR) upon which he can then launch “class discussion.” Dohrn could have put this together in just a few hours. In class, Barry kicks back, fakes the role of all-wise “professor”, and cruises while the students in the class basically teach themselves.

It should be mentioned that Dohrn has been a law professor since 1991, and focuses on race and juvenile/education issues. Which is pretty much exactly the focus of Obama’s course syllabus.

Oh, and Bill Ayers has a Ed.D. in “Curriculum and Instruction.” As in, putting together curricula.

Just sayin’.