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Yesterday he had his day, his moment of glory, and that is as it should be when one announces their candidacy for President.

But today is the day after, and I have some thoughts I’d like to share with you, as unpopular as I’m sure they’ll be to many.

Seemingly the entire conservative movement is delirious over Sen. Cruz’ announcement.  “Finally!” they’re saying. “Finally, a Republican who speaks loudly and clearly for us and for the United States of America. This is the first breath of fresh air in this country for decades.”

I get it.  I understand the joy, the delirium.  We’ve been in a tough slog, especially for those of us who have campaigned our hearts out for politicians we hoped would undo the hopeychangey damage that’s been thundered on us like a hurricane that barreled off the African coast.

So here’s the deal…  I’ve been in Cruz’ company up close, and there’s no doubt that he’s a skilled orator with a charismatic and magnetic personality.

But there’s something else… something nagging at me that cannot be ignored.

Yes, he’s all that and a bag of chips, but, and to me this is a BIG BUT, according to the Constitution, he is no more eligible to be our president than Obama is.

“But Andrea, hasn’t this been settled by the courts?  Would hate to think that the “strict Constitutionalist” would want to thwart a person of Cruz’ stature because of their misinterpretation of the natural born citizen clause.”

No it has NOT been settled by the courts.  The courts won’t touch it. The issue of Obama’s Constitutional eligibility has been brought before several courts all over the country on dozens of occasions, and every single one of those judges all have thrown it out, telling us we as American citizens, have NO standing to bring this challenge forth. Do you suppose these black robed bench sitters got the message from AG Holder’s DoJ?

(Not possible, you say? Do you suspect Supreme Court Justice John Roberts also got a “message” before he ruled on whether Obamacare was a tax?)

All that judicial obfuscation notwithstanding, the Constitution’s Article 2, Sec. 1 issue should be decided by our Congress. There are those who have tried, but their efforts were thwarted.

“The House of Representatives is an appropriate body to inquire into the facts and legal implications of a president’s disputed eligibility for office,” wrote Charles E. Rice, professor emeritus at the Law School of Notre Dame

For once and for all, our representatives must take up the issue over what our nation’s founders intended when they wrote the words  “natural born citizen” into the Constitution. Then after healthy debate, our elected  should vote to strike it by Amendment. Or not.

My House Rep. Bill Posey brought it up in a bill he authored that had 12 cosponsors, and yet it never saw the light of day under then Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

When he tried to bring it up again under Boehner’s leadership, he was “politely discouraged”.  He got “the message”.

The members of Congress who were in office when Pelosi signed off on Obama’s eligibility are complicit in this crime.

Enough of them (if not ALL of them) know Obama’s a fraud and will admit it privately as they throw up their hands, but because their leadership is complicit, are stymied in their attempts to bring the matter into the light of day.

It sucks out loud.  And now the people are clamoring for yet another violator of the Constitution in Ted Cruz?

Cruz is a populist who obviously likes a good fight and is very talented when it comes to telling the people what they want to hear.  To put it in Biblical terms, he “tickles their ears”.  I find it more than a bit odd that a man who claims to love and defend the Constitution is willing to defy it (Article 2 Sec 1) to get elected.

Something doesn’t smell right, you know?  But you wouldn’t know it by the likes of Glenn Beck, Rush, or many others who are swooning for Ted. Or by those who are so desperately hungry for “a breath of fresh air”, they’ll jump on the band wagon despite the rendering of our Constitutional flag.

It’s as they say in the gaming industry when cheating is suspected, “JDLR” — Just Doesn’t Look Right.

Or to put it another way, caveat emptor.  Buyer beware.  Careful… You might end up with more than you bargained for.