Reporter Lee Stranahan has a very interesting take on today’s events. BUT!!! Warning… Lee spends more time chiding his listeners than he does imparting information. I began listening and got thru the first half when I remembered why I don’t listen to him… he never gets to the point. ย There are others out there who are doing investigative videos that I could name who I also don’t have the patience to listen to. Stranahan is one of them. He might be a good investigative journalist but he’s a lousy communicator. Sorry, Lee. It’s just the way it is..

The video is located at his tweet account, but was retweeted by Connie Bevan who alerted George Webb to the report.

“At the 30:51 mark on Stranahan’s video about the El Paso shooting and those involved he makes comments about you.”

Here’s the link to listen to Stranahan, a serious journalist who sometimes collaborates with Webb.