Before there was “Q Anon,” there was “FBI Anon,” who revealed inside information at the 4chan board. This is the second part in my series.

Part 1 here.

On July 2, 2016, FBI Anon was asked a series of questions posed by 4 chan board anons who put FBI Anon through the paces, questioning FBI Anon’s validity, credibility and veracity.


“Do we have any real reason to believe this person, guys? I’ve been lurking (observing) and I just want to believe so bad but it would be so easy for this to be top tier trolling… right?

“Why would she (Clinton) drag us to war? In what ways that benefits her? Also, can you post any proof that you’re legit?

“What are the chances of you guys not doing B but just doing A? Maybe have a redo and flip a coin or something.

The deck has been stacked with bummer’s picks, so it might not be as good a plan as it might seem.

What do you know about admiralty law being imposed on the people and the usurpation of common law?”

Anon reposts an earlier answer from FBI Anon:  “He is the kingpin.”  Anon tells FBI Anon, “Then start with the Kingpins. The Clintons, and Soros would be enough to let everyone else know that you aren’t fucking around.”


More questions from the anons:

How long until we know whether you are going to recommend?

What’s the deal with Bill’s health? Just old age or something else?

FBI Anon: “Impossible to determine at this point. We could do it tomorrow if we wanted. There are too many political players involved. Bill Clinton will likely die this year.”


In this next series of questions and answers, an Anon asks, “If Bill Clinton dies, will that get Hillary elected? How unusual is it to have your own email server in your home?

FBI Anon: “If BC dies it might help her but I doubt it. The server makes her look corrupt af.”

Anon: “Simply put. Soros owns Tavistock. Tavistock owns the government. Enjoy.”

FBI Anon: “Soros funds, instructs, and influences every layer of US Government. Right down to the tax code.”

Anon: “Should I be using Linux or Windows if I am to make a Twitter account and start digging into the Clinton Foundation? Also, what is with the North American Union that has been proposed by Obama?

FBI Anon: “It does not matter, any agency can find any computer working right now. What you have to do is get lost in the noise. Do not do anything out of your ordinary behavior and you will be fine.”

Anon: “Nah, I get you, I’m just signaling the fuck out of this to get people reading to consider alternatives. And what do you mean “Destroy the Country?” If you destroy the federal government, state governments will step in to fill the void temporarily until new elections or a Constitutional Convention can be held to lawfully change the form f the Federal government. Yeah, shit will go south for a while. But it won’t be the absolute end of the world.”

“Do you know about UFOs?

FBI Anon“Yes. Life exists elsewhere in the galaxy, that is all I will say about that.”


Stay tuned for Part 3