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Except that he posted on 4chan.

How else can they silence Q?

Funny how that all worked out huh? Mass shooter posts on a site currently pushed as a threat.

Yet another push to shut down Q & all of the Patriot researchers who are getting the truth out to the American public. Can’t have people learning the TRUTH, now can we?

But the Q team must’ve war-gamed that shutdown possibility too, right? The totalitarians probably won’t get too far.

So the media superpowers and black hats have controlled the narrative.

A better question is how many of these shootings are linked to SSRI drugs.

I like Dan Patrick, but this has nothing to do with 8chan. People have livestreamed rape and torture on Facebook but no one ever talks about getting rid of Facebook. It’s only 8chan they talk about banning. Why doesn’t anyone ever want to talk about mental illness or drugs?

Video games … Yup that’s the cause … SMH …

Lt. Gov Patrick must be speaking directly from an emotional perspective because there was a definite lack of rational thinking in his interview. Why would the shooter post a manifesto to a platform not used by many people (relatively speaking) if their message was intended for the masses?

Their rhetoric never changes, blaming others for perpetuating facts that they themselves promulgate.

We were warned about shootings last week. How does it work like clockwork that when a distraction is needed we have a shooting?? What a shame for all the innocent lives lost all of the time.

They created this entire deadly hoax.  Testimonials reveal three shooters dressed in black with black masks. A simple research and you can see all their videos explaining what happened.

We have been being warned for at least 2 weeks by the people exposing the deep state (“Q” team) to keep our eyes open and head on a swivel because a False Flag was practically imminent. The Deep State is going to do everything it can to protect itself and its power. Scary times.

They are working on all angles: no 8 Chan, no guns, no freedom of speech, no border walls, no Christianity, no whites, they want to completely control us. Socialism is at our doorstep. Help us God!

Brenden Dilley (@realhublife) was suspended from Twitter for tweeting the following. He is said by some to have excellent intel sources and is adamant there were multiple shooters.

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