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In the past few weeks:

1. Ohr’s 302’s: declassified, demonstrates the perjury to FISA Court

2. Name of dummy email account on Platte River Network (PRN) server is declassified, pointing to China

The declassification is in progress, 1 step at a time. Horowitz HAD the dummy email account info more than 2 years ago. But they kept the Chinese connection classified until 2 days ago.

They weren’t ready to make it public that Combetta had placed all but 4 of HRC’s 30,000+ emails in an account on yet a third server, archiving it all under the name of a a Chinese state owned company. TRUMP KNEW ABOUT THIS TWO YEARS AGO. Think hard. Why sit on it until now?

People have a fantasy the declassification happens by Trump calling some kinda press conference with thousands of documents stacked on a table and making an announcement, “Here they are, I’m declassifying all of this today!”

Rumors long reported are becoming FACT as the documentary evidence is put out on carefully managed piece at a time. Remember, Trump was NEVER in any real danger from these people. They aren’t GOING anywhere. Where could they run to?

We’ve been HEARING for months there was evidence that Hillary Clinton’s emails were copied in a manner that a foreign power had instant access to them. Now it’s being documented. It’s not a rumor any longer.

If you bought the fake narrative that the Deep State is firmly in control and a helpless Trump has been raging against the machine for two years trying to get this evidence out before Mueller TOOK HIM OUT then hell YES, none of this slow rollout strategy makes any sense to you.

To hear some people tell it, the first two years of Trump’s presidency is a tale of a clueless idiot who keeps being tricked into appointing people to top positions who then devote themselves to a very public agenda of sabotaging him.

Sessions did nothing. Horowitz is doing nothing. Rosenstein was actually out to help Mueller hang Trump’s scalp on his belt. Huber is doing nothing. Barr is doing nothing. Durham is for show. And yet…and yet…we STILL know what happened in SpyGate.

Somehow, by some AMAZING MIRACLE, despite the Deep State being in control, the entire SpyGate plot was exposed one piece at a time. The general OUTLINE of Spygate, I knew THAT two years ago. All I’ve been waiting for is the documentary confirmation.

Why didn’t Trump and his team just drop this all on the public 2 1/2 years ago? He’ll, he could have done it at the inauguration, turned from taking the oath & said “Here’s all they did, take them away!” So…why didn’t he do that? Is he some kind of timid coward?

This is about utterly and completely exposing the nature of political elite class and it has to be done in a way that doesn’t provoke or prolong a national crisis that would’ve left the country without a functioning government.

Exposing and DESTROYING it. You don’t DO something like this lightly or without very careful planning. If you don’t like that, you’d rather fantasize about civil wars & massive societal unrest, I could care less. Trump is above else, a realist.

To fully and completely take down this Deep State political elite, Trump has to get re-elected.

Now if you REALLY think Trump should’ve dumped it all out there at once in early 2017, and then tried to weather not having a functioning government to run, as well the massive societal upheaval that would result, as a one term President, you MUST vote no.

Maybe a STUPID person would charged headlong right at the Deep State back in early 2017, entrenched and lying in wait, all ready for that frontal assault and ready with massive counter fire. Well Trump is not stupid.

Trump didn’t do the “banzaiiiiiiii!” charge right into the guns of the Deep State in 2017, and I understand completely that his not doing that disappointed a whole bunch of people. Oh well. Life goes on!

Addendum: someone made an excellent point: “What about people like Flynn & other Trump people that are suffering right now?” Here’s the brutal truth about war: you are ALWAYS going to have casualties. The goal is to win **without** massive carnage.

How many THOUSANDS of more people would be suffering right now if Trump had opted for a headlong banzai charge straight into the Deep State entrenched defenses back in February 2017, which is **exactly** what Obama, Comey all the rest EXPECTED him to do?

In fact, one of the FIRST major moves Trump did in fooling the Deep State was **giving them exactly what they wanted**.

“Oh, you want a Special Counsel? OK, and I’ll have interviewed the guy just the day before he’s appointed & none of the stories about the meeting will make any sense? Sounds good to me!” And we get the 2+ year Mueller Special Counsel.

And Trump spends 2 years on his twitter and in TV interviews RAGING against this ‘witch hunt!’ so unfair, so bad! How did the Deep State & their media minions read that? Well they read it exactly how they were supposed to: That Trump was TERRIFIED.

I suspect **more than a few** of the fake news leaks that led these Deep State morons & media hacks into truly and honestly and deeply and passionately BELIEVING that Mueller was takin’ care a BUSINESS in getting ready to impeach Trump came from…. [are you sitting down?]

Trump and his own team. That’s right. They PLAYED these idiots. And the entire time Mueller HAD nothing & Trump & Co. knew he was going to FIND nothing. And they couldn’t fake a case either with Rosenstein & Horowitz standing behind them, looking over their shoulders.

Every time Trump tweeted his outrage about Mueller, or complained loudly to a TV reporter about the witch hunt, every time Trump played this role, all the usual idiots read that to mean he was in a panic and he could see the walls closing in on him. SUCKERS!

Do you know there are **STILL** many people that think Rosenstein was a Deep State snake? I know because they tweet at me all day. They still can’t figure out or in some cases even acknowledge why Rosenstein got that HERO’S SEND OFF from the DOJ when he left.

Who ran oversight of Mueller & his team of 13 Angry Democrats for 2 years? Rosenstein did. What was the **outcome** of that? The **best** those pathetic losers could come up with was an absurd obstruction THEORY.

IF you think Rosenstein and Mueller are **both** Deep State, then they are two incompetent f**kups who are going to go down in history in the annals of incompetent f**kuppery. They had Trump right where they wanted him…and…wow! He got away! How’d THAT happen?!

THIS is not the sendoff an incompetent f**kup gets. This is the sendoff a guy gets for screwing the Deep State good and hard. Barr & RR end up giggling over Weismann’s absurd obstruction theory & then shitcan it and go out for beer.

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It took 2 and a half years to keep the Deep State busy & all their media allies distracted with a good old fashioned witch hunt while the witch shrieked his alarm on his Twitter account. Meanwhile Sessions, Horowitz, Huber & now Durham are all quietly doing their deadly work.

We’re at the stage we’re waiting for the documentary evidence. We already know what happened. We just need the documents. The right people had this stuff long ago. You don’t have to **agree** with the strategy. I merely ask that you **understand** it.

Trump was NEVER in any danger from these people. A lot of the HURRY UP AND DO IT NOW urgency was fostered by people who really thought Trump was in mortal danger from Mueller & Democrats investigating him. Set that aside. It was never true.

What **reason** is there to hurry and get this done by yesterday? Statute of limitations? All this shit was done in 2015-2017. And they aren’t nailing most of these people on just perjury, where the statute is 5 years.

1. Trump never was in any danger.

2. Statute of limitations is not in play

3. Trump is changing the judiciary at a rapid pace; you won’t see much lawfare being successful to keep him from governing going forward into 2nd term.

4. Are the SpyGate plotters going anywhere?

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Look at what Trump has accomplished in just 2 1/2 years. True, they have managed to keep him from doing somethings…for AWHILE. There were delays. But the last couple of months? They’re not really stopping him, are they?

So Trump is in no danger, at best they are merely DELAYING some things he wants to do, the SpyGate plotters aren’t running for it, fleeing to foreign countries…. So give me a reason why Trump has to have this extreme URGENCY to lock them all up 2 years ago.

The only way these SpyGate plotters walk is if TRUMP ALLOWS IT. Think about everything you know about Trump, and try to see a scenario where after carefully exposing everything these criminals did…. he ALLOWS them to walk away.

Trump does not have this sense of URGENCY many of you have. He’s known what they did and he knew much of what they’d been doing when he assumed office. If HE doesn’t see a need to rush this or do it long ago, why do you?

It’s hard to pull out of the “Deep State is gonna take Trump out any minute now!” mentality when you’ve been in it for a long time. Also the “They’re all gonna GET AWAY if he doesn’t lock’em all up RIGHT NOW!” mentality. HOW would they get away? Explain that.

Using the courts? Have you seen what Trump has been doing to the courts for the past 2 1/2 years? He’s on record pace and if he gets reelected, by the time he leaves office in January 2025 the Deep State using the courts will be a thing of the past.

Flee to a foreign country without an extradition treaty with the US? Do you REALLY see James Comey or any of the other people in this meme trying that? I don’t.

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Beware the wrath of the patient man. /end