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Russia Probe Twist: A Billion Dollar CEO, A Convicted Russian Agent And The FBI

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George Webb, Aug 23, 2019

“I know I’ve said this for three years but it bears repeating.  I’m very clear Jeff Epstein was Iran-Contra and he was Awan-Contra more specifically with Amjad Awan [father to Imran].

In the ’80s and ’90s, it [CIA drugs for weapons operation] changed from Nicaragua over to Kosovo,  flying into Ohio [instead of Mena, ARK].

In the 2000’s, it changed over again, this time into northern Africa. Amjad Awan’s Awan-Contra all the way to now with son Imran Awan.

It is the same CIA drugs for weapons operation, unchanged other than its name, for 30 years.

And Jeff Epstein’s career spanned the beginning all the way to the end.

So I’m not saying it’s kind of like Awan-Contra.  It IS Awan-Contra.  And all you have to do is look at Les Wexner ‘s associates.  Les Wexner still owns two Evergreen Aviation companies at Rickenbacker Airport.

Again, it IS Awan-Contra.

And I’ll explain [Overstock CEO] Patrick Byrne, who’s basically a disbursement officer, a Bitcoin disbursement officer for Warren Buffett in this drug business.

Now, the drugs may be very legal.  Government and Employees Insurance Company (Geico) allows you to buy a lot of drugs. So I’m not saying that there aren’t drug factories and drug plants –  very legal drug factories and drug plants –  in Pakistan, in India etc. or in Russia with VERA Pharma.

I’m not saying that those aren’t being brought in illegally. I’m just saying that Patrick Byrne is the treasurer, basically, for this dark weapons and dark drugs business for Warren Buffett. That’s all I’m saying.

So I’ll break this down:

I know I’ve been saying this for three years, but I’m gonna just break it down one more time: the CIA had drug operations in the opium fields of Pakistan in the days of Amjad Awad.

Amjad Awan brought that heroin business, that opium train business to Central America, working with Hezbollah in Central America with people like [Pablo] Escobar who was a drug lord at the time, and Noriega back in the days of Iran-Contra.

That changed over time to El Chapo.  The names have changed, the gangs have changed, but flying the drugs into New Mexico, into the Zorro Ranch, or Fort Huachuca at one point, or Las Cruces, New Mexico, with El Paso, Texas being another one, hasn’t changed.

The pathway used to go East which was the French Connection changed when Pakistan came up as one of the key providers of opium in the United States.  And that includes all derivatives and opium-alikes like fentanyl.  Basically, they just took the drug money and invested in synthetic drug factories that are being brought up through South America.

Jeff’s little Zorro Ranch is drugs ok?

DynCorp is drugs.

These training missions that DynCorp was doing in Central America, Haiti, Kosovo, anywhere DynCorp has gone — I know I’ve said this for three years but —  Jeff Epstein is at the center of these things.

As far as Saudi diplomats learning how to fly at the Venice (FL) Airport… diplomatic immunity is also another way of going about with drugs and that’s called Operation Cassandra.

I’m always amazed that people say ‘well that could never happen,’ when there’s an article I can point to and say ‘Here’s a guy writing a three-part series for Politico with all kinds of references, he interviews 20 different people, they call it ‘Operation Cassandra’ and it’s in the Port of Norfolk.’ That’s just one place where the drugs are being brought in.’

The [other] place they’ve been brought in since 1984 is Columbus, Ohio through Evergreen Aviation.

We’ve said that with “Khashoggi 1” (aircraft) Evergreen Aviation has done this business as a CIA cutout.  Before that, Les Wexner’s Southern Air Transportation.

So over and over again we say Lane Aviation, we say Landmark Aviation, we talk about the cutouts of Mission Essentials. We’re naming names here and saying specifically how this drug operation is run and we’re saying exactly how it’s being laundered through the DNC [Democrat National Committee].

It’s being laundered as political contributions through the DNC. It’s obviously going through this Humpty Dumpty group of people, a lot of them are members of the Black Caucus, Hispanic caucus, and other caucuses as well, all through Mark Epstein (Jeff’s brother). That’s how they’re laundering the money.

People want to know about Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne and (Maria) Butina being involved.

When the “Butinas” come to America to try to take down Trump and the CIA is involved and when you see the NRA Republican guys, just think ‘CIA operatives’ that worked for George Bush. I mean it’s just that simple.

Again, all you have to do to get to these CIA roots is just go back to the original people that sold Jeff Epstein the Zorro Ranch: it’s Humble Oil, the original guys going all the way back to Prescott Bush. George HW Bush’s dad is Humble Oil, the one who does the concession, the 825 thousand acre concession for the King Ranch.

The Zorro Ranch that Jeff bought is dead smack in the middle of this King Ranch, an isolated area where there’s no law enforcement and the people who are at the King Ranch would know four days in advance if any law enforcement was coming in their direction. There’s nobody that’s gonna stop Jeff who’s doing a DynCorp training mission at the Zorro Ranch.

Now the fact is that it’s also URANIUM –  it’s (Zorro Ranch) right smack dab in the middle of this big uranium find which is not a big surprise, okay?

So I’m gonna drop a few different hints about how closely the Rockefellers are connected to the deMohrenschildts [think Lee Harvey Oswald and that crowd] and some of the history of how all these players come together, how it’s the same group of people.

I will show you how MacDuff’s (Jon O’Loughlin) dad — when he went to Loomis School, how John D Rockefeller III also went to Loomis, how Dmitri deMohrenschildt also taught at Loomis, how Winthrop Rockefeller, one of the sons, goes to Loomis.

We’ll talk about Lawrence, another Rockefeller brother, who goes out to Wyoming with Dick Cheney and the uranium business out in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Winthrop Rockefeller goes to Arkansas with diamond mining and that sort of stuff, and we’ll show how the Rockefellers are very closely tied with the deMohrenschildts.

About the deMohrenschildts — they both married Hookers — not hookers with a small “h” but big “H” Hooker family. The Hookers were prominent, one of the mayors of Hartford CT., and one that the deMohrenschildts had taught at the Loomis school.

Another who married a Hooker daughter is John D Rockefeller III.

Now remember who John D Rockefeller IV is in our story. He’s “George O’Neal,” the person who’s cavorting with our good friend Maria Butina, putting on the Rockefeller dinners during the disruption campaign that’s aimed at Donald Trump.

George O’Neal’s the one who’s paying to have all these 69 women from Ukraine come in posing as journalists at the American University.

THIS is the campaign — this is the Crossfire Hurricane to take down Trump. The idea being that not only is the DNC gonna have an (hacking) attack blaming Trump, using one of their operatives — Imran Awan — to blame Trump for stealing the DNC emails, but we’re gonna offer (the other “Crossfire’ from the Republican side) money — through Patrick Byrne —  to pay Republican operatives through the NRA for different people to take down Trump.

And it’s run by a guy named Paul Erickson. The guy who disperses the Bitcoin is Paul Bern. The Bitcoin goes to Chuck Johnson who finds $20 million dollars in Bitcoin on HIS laptop.

Chuck Johnson works directly for Steve Bannon.  Now, if I’m Warren Buffett and I want to do a covert operation, I’m not gonna write a check from my bank account.  That’s gonna show that Buffett paid his disbursement guy $20 million to underwrite Crossfire Hurricane because he wanted the Republicans coming at Trump as well as the Democrats because he wants to keep his $billion dollar a month Operation Cassandra going.

It’s interesting, Operation Cassandra. Cassandra was the daughter of Hecuba in Troy and King Priam. And Cassandra said ‘oh I don’t know about this Trojan horse. This Trojan horse looks like a bad idea. If you bring that Trojan horse in here, Troy will fall. But Troy will be strong as long as you keep the Greeks on the outside. As long as you keep ‘Brad Pitt’ down there, you know, out there with Agamemnon, we’re gonna be okay. But if you bring that thing in, we’re gonna lose Troy.’

Well somebody should have told Trump about Steve Bannon being the Trojan horse and about Scaramoochie also being a Trojan horse.

If you bring those people in, if you bring Carter Page in, George Papadopoulos in, if you bring these CIA retreads in, you bring Paul Ericson in, if you bring JD Gordon in, if you bring these people in that are this Trojan horse, it’s gonna take down Trump.

Now it didn’t unbelievably! Trump somehow still wins this thing.

But that’s where the money came from.  From Warren Buffett.  His disbursement guy is Patrick Byrne. Patrick Byrne admits being a spook. Patrick Byrne admits being a CIA operative, he admits being a Bitcoin shuffler for Warren Buffett.

So it’s not like these people are trying to make this hard for you.

The operatives that get paid for the Trump takedown in Trump Tower are also paid-for NATO guys that have been flown in – operatives who have been placed in Trump Tower to do the op at Trump Tower.

Evan ‘McMuffin’ McMullen’s sister applied for the Trump Hotels or Trump Resorts domain name and rented out 30 Wall Street.

It’s right there if you just look at it:  This is Awan-Contra. It was Awan-Contra then,  it’s Awan-Contra now. The same people are involved. The same trade routes are involved.

It’s Jeff Epstein flying the diplomats, the Saudi princes, the UAE princes – come up with any principality you want – Qatari princes, anybody who they want to sell nukes to.

It’s drugs in one direction, nukes in the other.  It’s just that simple.

Example, “I got a great way for you guys to pay for your nuclear power ambitions. You just need to have a whole bunch of kids. Don’t worry, I’ll get you a whole bunch of fourteen-year-old girls with high cheekbones from Kosovo, and we’ll get them all diplomatic passports. Doug Band will arrange for all that, and you know Imran Awan has the diplomat passport printer over at the Kingsway location for the State Department. And we will get you your nuclear ambitions! You just have to fly the drugs into Columbus, Ohio.”

That’s just one of many ports of entry.

Now I’m not saying Operation Cassandra’s just Mena Airport (which is half owned, I believe, that went through Rockefellers land in Arkansas right next to Mena Airport. I think LBJ had the other half.)

I’m not saying it’s just Columbus, Ohio.

I’m not saying it’s just Miami.

I’m not saying it’s just Louisiana.

It could be 50 states. Operation Cassandra could be 50 states. But we know that Andy McCabe and Bruce Ohr ran the operation. We know Bill Barr was involved in it all the way back 30 years.  Everybody who’s involved in the story was Iran-Contra. You can’t throw a stone in this story and not hit somebody from Iran-Contra, it’s so obvious.

The network is so obvious and it’s so ‘out there,’ people just can’t believe it. They couldn’t believe Iran-Contra. Even though Congress specifically forbade you to do that.  We had, I think, TWO Amendments to say you will NOT fund the Contras — yet they came in with Polish AK-47s, hiring NATO pilots to fly in the weapons to avoid the mandate of Congress.  

And you would hire a foreign intelligence service to try to take down Trump.

Steve Bannon funded it. Chuck Johnson had the 20 million in Bitcoin on his laptop. This was run by the NRA-CIA guys.

These cutout guys will work for hire. These are the Jack Abramoffs, Paul Ericksons, the ‘We’re gonna sell you Energy Partnership‘ guys.

You give them $20 million to run an Operation and what do they do? Have some dinners. Hire some hot blondes and serve some Lobster Thermidor. No problem. Bring in 69 Butinas, students from American University. ‘We know the caterer at Bistro B we can set a table for 20. Who do you want to invite? Well let’s invite everybody on the transition team. Okay sounds good to me.’  These are all the diplomats and attendees that were gonna be a part of the Trump campaign.

How hard is it for Carter Page to send an email out to 50 people saying ‘Please come over to the Bistro B.” He had all the email lists from the G8 and the G20. How hard is it to hit ‘Send?’  It’s not difficult.

And the amazing part about this is the deMohrenschildts connection through the Hookers in Connecticut. As soon as I saw the connection between the deMohrenschildts and the Rockefellers, everything became obvious to me because deMohrenschildts is this group that were going to lose their land in Russia. Here come the Germans, gonna take the land, so they (deMohrenschildts) were willing to deal it away at ten cents on the dollar to Rockefeller. If you look at deMohrenschildts’ relatives, they were all in the old Russian Imperial Army.

As soon as you do that, now Rockefeller has 90% of the interest in the land in Russia and the legal right, a legal claim given to him by the Czar of Russia. Now the covert energy army goes back to get those covert businesses to develop that land and mine the covert energy.

This is gonna be the Russia connection. This is why John D. Rockefeller IV (not the III who went to Loomis) is going to be so pallsie-wallsie with Russia.

If you don’t know that the Bushes are Rockefeller’s men, if you don’t know Prescott Bush was Rockefeller’s man in Humble Oil, in an 825,000 acre deal for the King Ranch for oil – the largest private land deal ever – Humble Oil /Prescott Bush, which is a kind of offshoot of Nobel Oil which is deMohrenschildts company…   I know how hard it’s gonna be to believe that the same ranch that Jeffrey Epstein is given, the Zorro Ranch, is in the middle of the King Ranch, the largest land deal ever made. With Humble Oil’s Prescott Bush.

(Think: “Nobel Prize” —  de Mohrenschildts father and uncle were I believe ‘Ludwick’ and ‘Robert’ Nobel of the Nobel Prize.) So three hundred billion barrels of oil in the Baku —  do you think that Rockefeller forgot about his interest in the three hundred billion barrels in the Baku?

I know how crazy this is, but if Rockefeller has a piece of paper that says ‘I have an ancestral claim  — a legal claim — to three hundred billion barrels over there in the Baku,’ do you think he’s gonna protect his claim? Three hundred billion barrels of oil that was strong enough to overcome any Nazi vs Eastern European Jew?

Bobby Kennedy would have had no way of knowing that deMohrenschildts had put in this army and network and brought over this Nazi army and the Eastern European kind of a combination of these white Russians that were disaffected, that lost their oil…

There’s a connection between deMohrenschildts and Rockefeller. The same ranch that Jeffrey Epstein is given – the Zorro Ranch is in the in the middle of the King Ranch which was the largest land deal ever with Humble Oil Prescott Bush.

Let’s say you had a crime network that was working and functioning. It’s kind of like having a car where all the pieces are working together. When your car’s really running great, do you go out and take it all apart and say, ‘well let me let me try a different piston. Let’s try a different engine, let’s try a different transmission system, an electrical system?’

If it’s working and functioning, you don’t change it. Same with this operation. Just replace the older operatives with their kids.  It makes total sense to me that Donald Barr is bringing in these Eastern European Jews and also Nazis at the same time into Louisiana Energy.

George deMohrenschildt was the person who’s hosting the Civil Air Patrol guy Lee Harvey Oswald.

Its money. It just comes down to money and resources.  Some people who are in National Security would say, “well it’s more than money, George. Its whoever controls the oil controls world destiny. If you you can turn off a country’s energy supply, it’s really about the world’s national security.

The world balance of power. He who controls the uranium, he who controls the oil, he who controls the natural gas etc etc controls the world.

Well there’s an argument for that, I agree with that. I’m sure that’s their rationalization for drugs, for nukes. I’m sure that’s their rationalization for drugs-for-oil or drugs-for-natural gas.

If you talked to Henry Kissinger today, he would say “There’s a delicate balance in the world energy that can only be maintained by us, we the Grand Masters of world energy markets. And that’s why we have to have Jeff Epsteins flying Saudi princes with drugs in one direction or UAE or Qatari princes or pick whoever you want to sell a nuclear power plant to and you have to have it going in the other direction. We have to be the ones providing the fuel rods, the matchsticks, the fire. We’re the keepers of the flame.”

I get that.

Well there you have it. I’m not saying that that isn’t the the psychology, but I am saying that it is drugs-for-oil and drugs-for-nukes and it is Imran Awan flying legal or illegal drugs and with the connection with Buffett, they’re smart enough to do legitimate drugs, they’re smart enough to do legitimate fentanyl, smart enough to do legitimate oxycontin.  Invest all their money back into legitimate businesses.

Here again, Luke Rosiak, Imran Awan says “I gave money to build a hospital,” and then he laughs at that. I don’t laugh at that at all. I can tell exactly what Children’s Hospital it is and is in Faisalabad because I took the time to actually look at the Children’s Hospital in Faisalabad and the lab system that they built there. It’s beautiful, the labs underneath, the children’s hospital’s on top, and they do refinement of drugs both synthetic and opiate based drugs there.

I don’t doubt Imran one bit when he says he put in his 75 million or what however many million.

How is Imran traveling in Pakistan with armed guards with submachine guns that now Luke Rosiak says are a Pak ISI?

When he goes back there, do they just do that for everybody coming from the airport?  “Hey we heard you were working as an IT guy configuring blackberries for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, so we thought we’d meet you here with a big armed entourage escort.”

That’s who Luke Rosiak calls a ‘nobody.’  I call that a ‘somebody.’  That sounds like somebody who’s being protected, like a very important person to somebody who is making a lot of money for somebody.

So do you really think he would have a 1-2-3 drop box down in southern Maryland, a three or four-hour drive from Washington DC, to go down to a change air filter? A guy who was getting Pak ISI protection, submachine gun motorcades in his travels in Pakistan?

Why do you really have a 1 2 3 drop box for people down in Salisbury, Maryland in a cheap apartment down there for students going to Salisbury University, that you’d go down and change their air filter?

Really? Really Luke? This is not what the 1 2 3 drop box was about — air filters. No, it was about bringing operatives into the United States, into Maryland.

I think these are run on a state-by-state basis. I’m not saying that’s (Maryland Senator) Ben Cardin, but I think it’s gonna be at the Senate level as far as the Cassandra we read you in on. You don’t need to know about any of the other Cassandras.  It’s a compartmentalized operation. The only Cassandra you need to know about is Salisbury University. That’s your Cassandra.

We’ve got another Cassandra in Ohio. That’s all you need to know about, Voinovich. A by the way, a Mifsud was Voinovich’s chief of staff –  interesting connection! Of all the names the Ohio senator Voinovich could choose, of all the young aspiring Miami of Ohio grads he hired to run Southern Air Transport or excuse me, your Evergreen Aviation Operation to Pakistan or Kosovo in the ’90s…

People like Patrick Byrne will flip out when they hear this when they see this because they’re gonna go how did you know I gave the Bitcoin to Chuck Johnson? How does Bannon, what what the hell! You got a leak in your organization? What are you doing?

I’m calling out Chuck Johnson right now. Where did you find the 20 million dollars on your laptop?  You tried to take out Trump with the 20 million dollars Patrick Byrne himself says ‘in November of 2015 I hired them, I did the disbursement.’ He didn’t have a relationship with Butina. He was paying Butina to bring the girls in…