“Seems like everyone’s favorite bigamist, immigration fraudster and purveyor of not-so-stealthy Islamic supremacy, anti-Americanism and Jew-hatred, Bro-Fo Omar, is getting into deeper and deeper doo-doo. Along with the aforementioned are the revelations that she not only had an affair with someone other than her brother/husband, but funneled campaign dollars for his travel to clandestinely sniff her turban. Tsk-tsk, tootsie. Y’know, I understand that back in her homeland of Somalia, they regularly stone adulterers to death and chop the hands off of thieves. Her reaction a few weeks back to the chants of “send her home” were pregnant with meaning.” — JJ Sefton, The MORNING REPORT


Let me reproduce the report from the Daily Caller, and save you the aggravation and annoyance of dozens of pop-up ads that destroy the purpose for which you went to that site.  You’re welcome.

Ilhan Omar’s Campaign Funded Travel For Man She’s Alleged To Have An Affair With, Records Show